Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Wrath of 'Ondoy' - September 26,2009

Poor dog, struggling to save it's life.

High places not spared!

A roof of a red car seen here.

Rescue operations!

These pictures are copied from GMA's facebook account.


Dead end

Filipinos have become innoveative. We've come up with different types of tranportations.

Poor little girl, she's carrying a very heavy baggage.

The boy seems to be enjoying the flood!

Luxury did'nt ensure safety!

Photos Barangka, Marcos Highway, Katipunan

Salesgirls of the Super K drug store at the Farmer’s Plaza said waist-high flood waters breached the glass walls of the shop, sending the products piled on the shelves crashing to the floor. On Sunday morning, the staff was busy sweeping the shattered glass from the wet floor and stuffing the products into black trash bags.

Near the entrance to the LRT station in Cubao, a man put on his shoes before entering the mall with his mud-splashed laptop bag. His companion still had mud up to his knees, and both were carrying filthy rucksacks that seemed to have been hastily packed.

The start of it all!!

Ayala Makati

( Burgos Circle at Fort Bonifacio)

(Taft Avenue, Manila)

( Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City)

( Park 9 Alley, where the Barangay Hall of Loyola Heights is located)

Heres's a video:

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Melancholic 'Ondoy'

These phots are all from manila Bulletin Online site.

Large areas of Taguig City remain under water as seen in this photograph taken from a plane taking off from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport on Monday afternoon.


Risking electrocution, residents stand on and cling to electric cables, while others negotiate neck-deep floodwaters in Cainta, Rizal, Saturday, September 26, 2009. (REUTERS)


An aerial view from a helicopter shows a mass of vehicles stuck atop a bridge in Cainta, Rizal. The vehicles were stranded at the height of tropical storm Ondoy as floodwaters submerged a wide area of Metro Manila. (EPA)

I am deeply saddened to see the aftermath of typhoon "Ondoy".... how can this be possible?? I see pictures of babies burried alive in their homes.. T.T..those innocent lives...

---> This is the body of two-year-old Ian Colagong dug up from the mud after his house, situated near a river at the mountainside barangay of San Jose, Antipolo, Rizal, was buried in a mudslide Saturday morning. Colagong and his six brothers all died inside their house. (Photo by LINUS ESCANDOR) - photo credit from manila bulletin online

It really tears my heart into pieces....knowing that when this tragedy was happening...I was there having fun in "wildlife" in QC. I want to do something now..but I am stucked here in the front of my computer.... I can't donate money coz I also need some. I hope my prayer could form a huge voice in heaven for the lost souls...especially the innocent ones....those who aren't strong enough to defend & save their lives....not old enough to scream for help!!

I just can't sit here....I just can't shed a tear...I have to do something.....not just me but all of us!

Monday, September 28, 2009

My Poems

***The Poems Originally written by Me


Staring blankly on your lap
Tears of fury shedding in your weary beaten angelic face
A little creature almost drowned
Suddenly moving, bloodstained it has become
In its first few hours out

By product of your sufferings witnessed
By its innocent inquiring eyes
“Am I not to bring bliss to you?” thought the life on your lap
Slowly scratching its fragile skin against yours
A life indeed that warms you up

Blinded by the light the “life” is giving
You set your feet to the ground
Gradually regaining your weight
And setting your next footsteps
Suddenly there is LIFE

Now staring blankly out of nowhere
Unmoved by the crown of silver hair
You let yourself be overwhelmed
Held in the lap of the “life” you’d almost given up
Each other’s blurred gaze met
The sparer and the spared
The same inquiring eyes you once loathed
“At least you drained the lap that wanted me drowned”


*This was dedicated to my student who was then about to end his class with me.

Shining Jewel

A shining Jewel in my view
Blurred, Unclear & few
His voice is vivid
And makes my day placid

Smiling face I imagine
That really makes the class goin’
Endless laughs linger
And makes each day better

But today is inevitable
Goodbye I need to mumble
And never will it bring him on the “other line” again
Leaving me sad & barren

But I know he’ll always be
The “Jason” he used to be
Staying bright in the dark
Very visible like a trademark

————- 030609


Tanging Sandigan

Panu nga ba sisimulan
Hukayin ang aking kamalayan?
Upang matutong harapin mga dagok ng buhay
Sa istoryang tila walang humpay

San nga ba patungo mga munting anino
Na palaging nakasunod sa likuran ko?
Tila nag uudyok na ako’y bumitaw at sumuko
Pero kayak ko ‘to, yan ang alam ko
Dahil tanging ako lamang bida sa istoryang ito

Magpumilit man akong kumawala
Sa daloy ng buhay na di ako ang may gawa
Kitlin man ang buhay ng may sala
Bandang huli ako rin ang magagambala

Mas mabuti nang sa Diyos magtiwala
At sa kaaway’ magbigay pala
Tiyak kaligayahay’ makakamtan
Sa mundong ang alam lng ay ako’y



***This Poem is published on our school paper

** This one is just sent to me...but it was then so short & there were no rhymes....I fixed it & here it is....

Fate was kind, and she did sendyou, to be my trusted friend,I’ll stand by you, until the end,because that’s what friends should do
A shoulder lent to catch your tears,your secrets kept, for countless years,protect you from your darkest fearsbecause that’s what friends should do.
I’ll stand by you, when times are grim,though I love you, and you love her,Chances we’d work out are slim.So I just made a happy “us” in my dream
I know I can be kind of slow,and lacking muscles head to toe,but I hope you want me so
Coz surely I’ll be taken out from this great sorrow
But if a friend is all you see,you’ll always have a friend in me,forever by your side I’ll be,because that’s what friends should be


Unlikely Unlike Them

***This Poem is published on our school paper

I’m as free as a soaring bird
Able to go places “never heard”
Hunting prey for survival
Wanting more than what’s usual

Brave was I according to them
Facing realities that overwhelm
My soul keeps fighting till the last drop
Never stops nor takes a nap

Strong as I might be seen
But also crying deep within
Coz I am also a human being
Who needs to shed a tear when hurting

Even I possess those good qualities
I don’t really want to be like this
I’d rather be weak & have my mother’s care
Than be really strong & endure His stare

Early bird they call me
It’s because I left early
And learned from life enormously
But still my heart remained empty

...I wish I could write some more...but I've been too busy....

>>>there are times that I'm trying & I have much time ...but I lack inspiration<<<

Monday, September 21, 2009

HomeFully Happy!!!

These days I am again the breadwinner for my 2 sisters. (older & younger sisters). It's very hard, especially now that I'm at the same time studying, & having high budget for fare everyday. I don't know how we'll be able to survive with my meager resources. I am complaining to them. I ask a lot of favors from them..washing my clothes, cleaning the house, doing this & doing that! ...everything. I know I sound so bossy!! But I'd like them to learn also. I always complain...& complain & complain.....but to tell you the truth I appreciate their presence. Although I get stressed out with a lot of things, I am happy that they are at my side. Helping me in a way very strange to me. They give me moral support in everything I do. I thought before that I am strong. I can provide for my own & live by my own..Yea that's right...but having family around you is a very relieving & exhilirating. It makes a big difference. So now, even though I feel the big burden laid out before me....the burden which should not be mine in the first place... I will do my best to help them..

Aside from my sisters.... my classmates & friends are also there to cheer me up!! I am always teary eyed.I never imagined life with these kinds of people. Knowing that they are there expressing their concerns, that they are ready to listen, that I have someone to voice out what has been exploding inside is an out of this world feeling. I thought these are just "dramas". I thought they only exist in short stories for kids. They are real. They are here. They are with me & I will everything under my power to treasure them. But I wouldn't make it obvious though. hehe..

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Manila is Survival of the Fittest - I Knew Before I Realized Now !

I'm just fresh from the shock & trauma I got just this morning at about 2 am.....Tears still pours from my face when I give the details to my officemates who are very eager to know what exactly happened...& this is one of the memories that will linger.

2:00 in the morning today...I was treading the main road of Bunag Street in Camarin Caloocan City towards the place I live....when I noticed this two teenage guys wearing hip hop clothes walking towards me. One was clad in plain orange shirt & the other in black & white stipes. The instant I saw them I murmured a brief prayer under my breath. I had the "feeling".

Then all I remember now is me lying on the streets sheepishly shouting "wag!! Wag!! Wag!!". Usually in movies they say "Wag Po" but I think they don't deserve my kind words even in life & death situation. No I think they are not about to rape me. They were just after my bag!!!

I threw my bag towards them while I was running so that they won't get their filthy hands on me. I stumbled so that's why I lie on the streets. I remember now.... but the guy clad in orange shirt still moved towards me & pointed a sharp object..I did'nt notice whether it was an ice pick or knife. Then I shout again...& agai....n. I could still remember the menacing face biting his lower lips. I wouldn't forget him!! After a while all I saw was his back running hastily towards a secluded dark road. At that moment I really felt sorry for myself. Not because I lost my belongings, wallet. id's not much money, digi cam, my school notes, my kikay pouch to name a few but because at that moment I felt HELPLESS...HOPELESS.... LIMITED.first time! Dogs barked but there I was, alone in the well-lit road just few meters away from the police station.

I ran to the station..heavy knocks followed but it was overpowered by the music & laughs of those people who were supposed to be watching the streets. I left because I couldn't breathe anymore.... I arrived home just few walks away & cried on my sister's shoulder. We went back to the station & knocked harder....All of a sudden we were already roaming the streets, roads...asking the passing jeepneys to stop & checking each faces. It was a very novel experience...& the feeling???? can't explain. It was futile. They were GONE!!!


In a way I'm happy. It serves as a wake up call.... this is the real world. This is survival of the fittest. I have to be not just fit but fittest!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Loosing Ground

These past few days I've been so attached to the physical world that I lost contact with my "real world". I have dreamed of laptops, new apartment, new things & gadgets & all thus result to a "me" separated to what I have used to believe.

I used to believe that everything here on earth is just temporary. That this life I have right now... with it's lively & rosy colors are just just mere lifeless things. I have come to realize this through my student named David, an elder in his Born Again Christian church in Korea. He mentioned the PSALMS 23:

This has made me realize that I am as complete as what He has said... why would I want more?? I've been so materialistic & idiot!! I had lost my spirituality. I am trying to redeem myself.

My Friends & I ^^