Saturday, April 7, 2012

Semana Santa Kita-kita

How's everybody doing? I hope you are all enjoying your vacation. 

Looking at my last post, I realized I've been MIA for like almost 2 months. Time really passes by quickly. Wew!

I miss the blogosphere. I miss reading (stalking) people's blogs. I miss my Internet life. Where has it gone to? 

Anyway, It's a long vacation for most of us. Semana Santa or Holy Week is the time people get to have their vacations. Let's not forget that it's also a time for reunions! 


But I'm not talking about a really big reunion here. Just a simple get-together. 

A year has just passed since our college graduation day but it feels like just yesterday....

I have a 4-day weekend yet I chose not to go on vacation/hometown. I'm not financially ready so I didn't have much choice but to spend the oh sooo looong days under the scorching heat of Manila sun. I thought it was something to endure but I'm glad I decided to meet with my college friends/classmates. 

Last Thursday, my college friends/classmates had a get-together at Ate Jeng's house. Everything was unplanned yet it turned out great & really fun. Most stores were closed so we ended up just having ice cream, buns & pancit canton. I guess what they say about the company being more important than the venue is true. We had a little drink & talk. The talk/chat was the best part. It felt better seeing them/ourselves talk about work life instead of thesis/projects & expenses. All of us who attended this get-together are already working and in varied fields/industries. I remember back in the day, 1 or 2 years ago, I was the only one sharing about work life since I was then a working student. They seemed very interested to hear stories about work stress, bosses & colleagues. But at that moment, they were the ones sharing. I loved the feeling. Just listening and at the same time learning. It was a novel experience. Varying experiences, bosses, fields, industries, office locations added more color to the conversation. That time, I felt very proud of them. We made it through the grueling tasks & stresses of the college life and now here we are, enjoying the fruits of our labor.  

I just feel a little sad that although we spent 4 years in the classroom, I never got to be very close to them. I never got to know them better. I'm only making up for those lost moments just now. 

Here we are: 

(I'm the one in pink) 

When I see and meet these people, I am always reminded of how hard I worked and struggled just to get here. It makes me treasure very moment. 


I don't want to burst your summer bubble guys but our vacation is almost over. Going back to work is necessary but I really hope you all had a great soul-searching time. ^__^