Saturday, January 14, 2012

To My Followers..

I've recently noticed that I've gotten more followers for the past few weeks & for that I'm grateful. 

Thank you so much! 

 But of course, along with that I know that I should be responsible with what I write. It should somehow be of interest to them. It's a pressure really. I've pondered about it for a long time. I've realized that you followed me because of who I am, what you see on my blog & what you think I am. So I will stick to it. This will remain a personal lifestyle blog of a commuter. I'm so sorry if I wouldn't be able to make this 'commercial' for some. This is who I am & you'll have to deal with it. 

(hahaha this may sound like pasaring but let me tell you that no ill feelings. I just simply wrote how I felt.) 

Paalam CDP!

I really wanted to blog about this last Wednesday, January 4, but I couldn't bring myself in front of my Blogger dashboard. 

Anyway, last January 4th, I was told that I'd be joining another team. That was very heartbreaking for me since I've already gotten very comfortable with my EBean team. But who was I to complain? Prior to that, a lot of transfers have already been made so it shouldn't come as a surprise. 

hmm...I don't want to make the short story long so let's just skip a few details & head to my final decision. I've decided to just immediately resign. It was so not me. I would usually freak out with this idea but somehow, I felt genuinely happy! Maybe I was looking for an adventure. Anyway, I thought I was crazy but I found myself already doing the proper procedures for resignation. I only gave a 2-day notice but I wouldn't suffer the consequences of not following the 30-day notice since it was a transfer. A different case daw. 

These pictures were taken on my last day, January 6th. 

Medyo malayo pa ang sahod so lahat kami di mapera. But I was quite surprised when 2 of my teammates prepared a cheap meal. It was just pancit canton & pandesal from Pan de Manila. I was really touched & happy. But I couldn't help but feel the reality sinking in. I realized that I'd be taking an unsure path & that I'd be leaving people I've come to love. It was really sad. 

This was my last schedule. 

This was our supervisor Jon. 

Gizette & Ran.

When I arrived nga pala on my station that day, I saw this one. A present from Gizette. So sweet. 

So there was my farewell with Chungdahm. It's just been almost 8 months but I  have a lot of good & bad memories to treasure. 

I will miss this aisle....

...and of course these people. 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Paying it Forward!

Ever heard of "Pay It Forward"?

It's actually 2000 film about a young boy attempting to make the world a better place by doing good to 3 people..and asking those 3 people to do something good to another 3 people. Just imagine what difference it will make. It says "Dream Big. Start Small" I'm really hyped right now. After watching the trailer of the movie below I'm inspired to start my own "Pay It Forward" movement. 

So wanna start your own?

I think super ganda ng idea na to! You do good things without expecting something in return .at least not to you but to other people. A selfless act.

Yee I'm excited.

And I'd also like to share this article I read from about the same topic. 

Friday, January 6, 2012

My 2011

How would I summarize my 2011? Well it's about CHANGE, ADJUSTMENTS & Socializing. 

CHANGE --- because I've made very important decisions that greatly impacted or shaped my future. 

ADJUSTMENTS --- because of  the CHANGES, I had to survive, adapt & adjust to the new environment & people

SOCIALIZING --- because I had to come out of my nutshell & explore the unexplored. I got to meet a lot of new personalities which molded me into who I am now. Coz basically, my entire 4 years in college was spent running back & forth from home, school & workplace. No time for anything else. 

I got this idea of the photo collage from Sendorero. Yeah I know gaya-gaya but I think it's a great way to summarize the year. Wachathink?

A lot has happened so let me just enumerate them. 

1. January - got to spend my Christmas & new year with my whole family here in Manila. It was the first time I got so excited to go back home from work..knowing that a family was waiting for my arrival. It felt so 'home'. 

2. February - We were able to accomplish our THESIS which was way harder than I expected. 

2. February - The Retreat at Caliraya Laguna 

3. In February - I resigned from my post at my previous company. It was very exhilarating & liberating to finally cut loose from my employer who I've worked for for almost 3 years. Back then, I thought & felt like there was no life beyond that. I was wrong. You know the feeling when you got so accustomed to everything & you felt like that's all there is in life? Parang ganun. STUCK, STAGNANT, KAMPANTE, COMFORTABLE

4. March - April - I was in haste to finish my OJT to complete teh graduation requirements. It was quite exhausting but very eye-opening. I learned a lot about HR especially Employee Relations. 

5. Then come last week of April - which was about preparations for graduation. While my classmates were all busy preparing their dresses & togas, there I was, a frequent visitor of the university registrar. I was submitting some papers & stuff. Then I finally received a word that I'd be in the graduating students' list. Woah! I was ECSTATIC

6. May - First week of this month was when I started working for Chungdahm as an apprentice. Everything worked out well. (Until today - subject for another post) I got intimated with my colleagues who all came from prestigious universities in Manila but as time went by, I learned to adapt & adjust. 

7. Next significant month would be December na - the month of Christmas party! It was fun! I posted about it here. T'wa actually my first time to attend a formal Christmas party so it was special. 

So that's how my 2011 was! How about you? Have you had anything special last 2011?