Saturday, January 14, 2012

To My Followers..

I've recently noticed that I've gotten more followers for the past few weeks & for that I'm grateful. 

Thank you so much! 

 But of course, along with that I know that I should be responsible with what I write. It should somehow be of interest to them. It's a pressure really. I've pondered about it for a long time. I've realized that you followed me because of who I am, what you see on my blog & what you think I am. So I will stick to it. This will remain a personal lifestyle blog of a commuter. I'm so sorry if I wouldn't be able to make this 'commercial' for some. This is who I am & you'll have to deal with it. 

(hahaha this may sound like pasaring but let me tell you that no ill feelings. I just simply wrote how I felt.) 


  1. same here. I usually blogged about my personal stuff.. my blog is somewhat my online journal. More power to you!! :)

  2. hi Jill! i followed you because i'm interested in your interests, hehehe.. no pressure, commuter... ^,^

  3. Is a stalker considered a follower? ehehehehe

  4. just go on with the blogging..the writing..the sharing. followers will come in time ^^


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