Saturday, January 7, 2012

Paying it Forward!

Ever heard of "Pay It Forward"?

It's actually 2000 film about a young boy attempting to make the world a better place by doing good to 3 people..and asking those 3 people to do something good to another 3 people. Just imagine what difference it will make. It says "Dream Big. Start Small" I'm really hyped right now. After watching the trailer of the movie below I'm inspired to start my own "Pay It Forward" movement. 

So wanna start your own?

I think super ganda ng idea na to! You do good things without expecting something in return .at least not to you but to other people. A selfless act.

Yee I'm excited.

And I'd also like to share this article I read from about the same topic. 


  1. Ever since I watched this movie...Pay it Forward has been my favorite "tagline" "quote" in life..char haha...along with Keep it Forward...parehos na may forward...because that's what all of us should do...keep moving forward! pay it foward! ^^ i love this movie


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