Monday, May 31, 2010

Meet Chunchu!

I am not very fond of STUFF TOYS coz I think they are just so childish & mushy...

..until I met HIM.

This is Chunchu.

He looks plain & simple but I find him really adorble & cute!

I don't know what's with him that drew me.

I'm thinking that maybe I'm having regression.(?)

You know when I was a child I was a little deprived of play & cute & mushy things.

Maybe this is the time they remanifest.(?) At the age when I'm supposed to doing something serious.

I don't know but I'm happy

And I'm not ashamed of it.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Living in the Wizarding World

Harry Potter has been a part of my maturity & growth.
I've followed it's lead characters Harry, Ron & Hermionie grow up.
I imagine life & school with them.
being seatmate & classmate with Hermionie..
studying in the library..
being in the Griffindor Common Room..
..riding the firebolt..or nimbus 2000..
casting spells..
making potions.
I've done all of that! in my dreams..only.
And I knew it was just like that. They will only remain in my reverie.
But as the Harry Potter Theme Park has materialized, my immature fantasy has finally found solace.
Who wouldn't want to visit Daigon Alley?
It's definitely now one of my life dreams/aspirations.
I will someday go to Florida & visit the Theme Park..even if it takes years..I will definitely go there.

I will relive the moment...

and hopefully meeet them as well.

Wizarding World..are you ready for me??

So who's my favorite character?

There's no doubt it's HERMIONIE. Her wit & beauty enamored me.

How about you?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Spring Lay out!

Ah!! I can't help it!

I have to blog about this new lay out I got.

I found it here:

Isn't it so lively??

...goodbye long hair! but where to?

I'm planning to have a new haircut on the first week of June but I don't know what style to have.

I like the fussion of the following styles.

something around these lengths & style.

I just hope my hair is suited for them.

Travel & Tours

My half sister ate CL tagged me with this I'm sharing this.

This is her business with a friend. She'd been a travel agent for more than 4 years now & they've decided to put up this one.

Monday, May 24, 2010 a blink of an eye

...In a blink of an eye..something happened..

We were all having fun & laughter when we noticed 'something'.

Tiyo Yieyie had been floating for more than 10 minutes already.

I'd been watching 'him' from afar..from our cottage. He was noticeable since he had this really fair complexion amongst the swimmers in the beach..

he was just there almost touching the sand while he let his body float..

little did we know that 'the body' was already a corpse.

we tried to perform the first sister was pumping his chest...but it was futile.

..then it was follwed by he cries of little children..a little girl. "his" niece.

"Patay na si Papa"

that's what the other boy said.

he was immediately brought to the hospital..

then for 30 minutes waiting in our cottage (as we were waiting for our service back home)

a shocking revelation was delivered.

He was dead.

just like that.

he didn't die of drowning. It was said that he had a heart attack while swimming.

I couldn't help but really feel guilty, sad & burdened although I barely know him.

He was just a neighbor. a new one. who just happened to be in an outing I so excitingly planned.

Somehow..someway I blame myself. If I didn't plan to go back home..his life might have been spared. he might have the heart attack at home. Where he could be be easily noticed & brought to the hospital.

this is where he'd been laid before bringing to the hospital.

There I saw a frail & pale looking body.

his death was ssooo unexpected...someone who has a terminal disease is even luckier..for they know when to say goodbye..

..but him(?) he wasn't even given the chance to kiss his sons goodbye.

He's a father of 2 sons, a husband, a son & a new "kainuman"..sana.

Rest in Peace Tiyo Yieyie.



No Place Like Home 2

I don't want this to look like a photo album BUT there is no better way to describe my experience back home than showing you these humble photos..

Let me tour you to our GARDEN..

yellow bell

still green bananas
sill green tomatoes

The Sorsogon City Pier

The UPO.
(I remember that when we were still in high school we sell this kinds of UPO to our neighbors so that we could have 'baon'

The Bacon Beach
My younger siblings.
(by height).. Biboy, Jade, Jonalyn.
(I don't know but this picture motivates me to do something more for their future. Just look at heir innocent smiles)

The palayan in front of our house.
This is Biboy eating grahams.

***Thanks to LAINE for the idea on the title***

Thursday, May 20, 2010

No PLace Like Home

Last May 17, 18 I was given days off from work to visit my hometown Sorsogon City.
I had the trip on Saturday May 15 at 5pm and arrived home at 11 am the next day.
It was an 18-hour trip!!
Yes! Our BUS got a FLAT didn't have a choice but wait there.
VERY terrible indeed.
But it was I reunited with my family & smelled the copra, newly mowed grass, cow manure atmosphere. It was already refereshing & relaxing.
....before anything else..
lemme introduce my hometown.
I grew up in Sorsogon City.
This place is famous for WHALE SHARK & PILINUT.
And also 1 hour drive away from our city is the Mayon Volcano.
So perfectly shaped
I took this pic inside the bus somewhere in Ligao Albay.
I didn't get to visit the whaleshark, nor even get near the Mayon Volcano.
But it was something more SPECIAL & SIGNIFICANT than that.
I got to be HOME at last.
after more than 2 years.
I got to be REUNITED with my family..
the garden in our backyard did some wonders to me.
I got to appreciate very little things around.
the dogs..the garbage..the feeling..the air..the familiar scenes..
the familiar people..the smell of the air around..
the petty quarrels of my younger siblings..
the PETTY quarrels of Mama & Papa.
this flower in the garden.

the salty smell of the beach.

the neighbors..
the Pilinut

everything sprang back to LIFE.
but there was something unfortunate & unexpected happened.
(subject for another post)

to be updated.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bidam Syndrome

Syndrome - (noun) collection of symptoms
...and here are the symptoms..
The four faces of Bidam

The Torn

The Ruler

Queen Seond Deok Cast

The Innocent
(I love this picture the most..he's so cute & innocent here)

Fresh Bidam

The Clueless

The "Tambay"

Goofing Around

Seriously Thinking

This is the part where he'll die. He fought & killed many soldiers.warriors just to get close to Deok Man (literally)..but he wasn't even able to touch him..a close look was the best he could.

The Stupid Guy

this brightens my day!
I just love his smile & his white teeth.


by the way..pahabol..
I've heard he is hillariously funny in real life.
I've seen videos of them shooting the drama..and Lee Yo Won (Deok Man) was laughing always because of him. There was even a time where she was shooting a scene with Uhm Tae Woong (Yushin-the other guy) and she couldn'thelp but laugh off Kim Nam Gil's reactions who's just sitting idly nearby.

Obsession Syndrome

Queen Seon Deok

Ugh..I just hate sad endings..and tragic love stories..

Just like now..I've been watching The Queen Seon Deok drama from youtube.I'm now on episode 61 ( one episode to go before the ending).


I wanna cry.. All the tragedies are now on the rise.. Good bye to the glorious days of Deokman.

I really hate it when I get too emotionally attached to dramas, movies stories & so on. The moment I watch/read whole world seems to revolve around them. I get depressed when the heroin is in an inconvenient situation. I worry too much what will happen. I want to shut the world when everything failed. There were even times that I couldn't stop thinking of what the heroin's solution will be. I get so blissful when she triumphed..I get so giddy for her every achievement. I feel how it is to be miserably in love. I cry with them.
BUT..after the obssession/addiction of course I go back to my real world.
But their wolrd seems so enthralling to live in & I wanna go back.
hahaha I sound silly now.
Silly girl I am. Yes!

enough for that..
anyway I think there will be a happy ending for Silla..but not for Deokman & Bidam's love story. It was so tragic that everytime I watch it I get depressed.
....another topic..
.speaking of Bidam.
Bidam is Deokman's love interest at the later part of the story..
The character is played by Kim Nam Gil..
I so like him.
His looks..his acting skill.
amazing actor.
in the drama he seems to have many different roles.
at one point he's a devoted & ardent lover of Seondeok.. some he's a menacing enemy..
in some he's a good son..
in some he's an oh so loyal comrade...
oh he can play them all just in one character.
he can act stupid too..
haisst..I don't know until when I'll have this QSD syndrome.
For Harry Potter it was 6 years
for the "Avatar: The Last Air Bender" it was for 1 month
for Naruto it was for 2 months..
for Sailor Moon it was 2 years..
Magic Knights Rayearrth it was for about 5 months..
ah..I really can't tell.
Well they are one of the wonderful things life has offered me..
...and I will keep looking for next.

Korean View of The Philippine Election

Here is what I found in Korea Times' cartoon section.

This is the Korean view of our election..or to be specific the KT's view.

What do you think?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Dirt I'm Proud Of

This is the 'dirt' I'm talking about.


I voted for Manny Villar as president. I've been considering him for the highest position since last year BUT there were times that I was doubtful. I tried to do some reserach & found some 'dirt' about him..along the way I also found out his achievements..and honestly even if those controversies about are true I will still go for the V. In my eyes his achievements outweighed the controversies or the alegations about him.

We are just human being & we ARE NOT perfect.

I am extremely happy to have read that he CONCEDED to Noynoy. That's my candidate!!

Although he LOST this election I feel that my vote hasn't been wasted on him.

VOTING is not about choosing the WINNABLE.

It's about putting your trust to who's CAPABLE.

And he just won my full support, admiration & respect for that!
Although I have now apprehension about the country's future in the hands of Noynoy..just like my candidate I accept the defeat & just encourage everybody to unite.
Badmouthing them will do me no good...

Friday, May 7, 2010

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What Blogging is to Jill

I was thinking of a topic to blog about. It seems that I've been feeling down these past few days... I wasn't in the mood to do a lot of things. even work.

SO I found it really hard to motivate myself to do something worthwhile.

then I came to ask myself the question "What Am I Doing?"

A voice said "BLOGGING"

"then why not write something about it?" another voice said...

what followed is reflecting on my blogging history.

..I realized how 'IT" has changed me.

It was August 25th last year that I started this hobby called 'Blogging'.

It was a day before my birthday.

Looking back I've gained confidence in myself through my articles.

I didn't have a single follower I wrote freely..without even thinking if someone would be able to read my rants, blabbering & sentiments.

I felt like I found a confidante.

As days passed, by I learned to 'blog hop", stalk blogs & use other features of this site.

I read others' blogs and they became an extension of me in different parts of the world.

I have experienced winter, spring & cherry blossom in Korea through Jehan & mybittersweetkoreanlife.

I've felt the 10-min earthquake in Manila & made me reallize how precious life is through Laine.

I have been a nurse on duty through April.

I have been a mother & a Filipina living in the US through Ilocana.

Yes. I was able to be one with them through their blogs..sounds petty right? but that's just how they impact me.

and this I will treasure more than my friends on Facebook.

"Sometimes...we realize something precious when we are in a state of nothingness."
Blogging - (noun) is a type of website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video
that's according to wikipedia.
Blogging - (noun) a site maintained by an individual to explore & experience the world in many different ways through precious friends & 'kablogs'
according to Jill