Monday, May 24, 2010

No Place Like Home 2

I don't want this to look like a photo album BUT there is no better way to describe my experience back home than showing you these humble photos..

Let me tour you to our GARDEN..

yellow bell

still green bananas
sill green tomatoes

The Sorsogon City Pier

The UPO.
(I remember that when we were still in high school we sell this kinds of UPO to our neighbors so that we could have 'baon'

The Bacon Beach
My younger siblings.
(by height).. Biboy, Jade, Jonalyn.
(I don't know but this picture motivates me to do something more for their future. Just look at heir innocent smiles)

The palayan in front of our house.
This is Biboy eating grahams.

***Thanks to LAINE for the idea on the title***

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