Thursday, May 13, 2010

Obsession Syndrome

Queen Seon Deok

Ugh..I just hate sad endings..and tragic love stories..

Just like now..I've been watching The Queen Seon Deok drama from youtube.I'm now on episode 61 ( one episode to go before the ending).


I wanna cry.. All the tragedies are now on the rise.. Good bye to the glorious days of Deokman.

I really hate it when I get too emotionally attached to dramas, movies stories & so on. The moment I watch/read whole world seems to revolve around them. I get depressed when the heroin is in an inconvenient situation. I worry too much what will happen. I want to shut the world when everything failed. There were even times that I couldn't stop thinking of what the heroin's solution will be. I get so blissful when she triumphed..I get so giddy for her every achievement. I feel how it is to be miserably in love. I cry with them.
BUT..after the obssession/addiction of course I go back to my real world.
But their wolrd seems so enthralling to live in & I wanna go back.
hahaha I sound silly now.
Silly girl I am. Yes!

enough for that..
anyway I think there will be a happy ending for Silla..but not for Deokman & Bidam's love story. It was so tragic that everytime I watch it I get depressed.
....another topic..
.speaking of Bidam.
Bidam is Deokman's love interest at the later part of the story..
The character is played by Kim Nam Gil..
I so like him.
His looks..his acting skill.
amazing actor.
in the drama he seems to have many different roles.
at one point he's a devoted & ardent lover of Seondeok.. some he's a menacing enemy..
in some he's a good son..
in some he's an oh so loyal comrade...
oh he can play them all just in one character.
he can act stupid too..
haisst..I don't know until when I'll have this QSD syndrome.
For Harry Potter it was 6 years
for the "Avatar: The Last Air Bender" it was for 1 month
for Naruto it was for 2 months..
for Sailor Moon it was 2 years..
Magic Knights Rayearrth it was for about 5 months..
ah..I really can't tell.
Well they are one of the wonderful things life has offered me..
...and I will keep looking for next.


  1. haha you sound exactly my sister! she's a fan of QSD...or should i say an

  2. don't worry Jill.. liking a drama very much isn't silly. It goes to show just how much of a girl with a big heart you are..^^ hey, I was obsessed with Magic Knights Rayearth for my entire elementary life! the point where I considered myself the actual Hikaru / Lucy and that Lantis was the love of my life. Luckily, we usually outgrow them in time, right? Enjoy your current love Jill! ^^

  3. hahah thanks Laine !!. It really is comforting.

    @April: hmm..I think you should take a peek at your sister's 'world'


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