Monday, May 24, 2010 a blink of an eye

...In a blink of an eye..something happened..

We were all having fun & laughter when we noticed 'something'.

Tiyo Yieyie had been floating for more than 10 minutes already.

I'd been watching 'him' from afar..from our cottage. He was noticeable since he had this really fair complexion amongst the swimmers in the beach..

he was just there almost touching the sand while he let his body float..

little did we know that 'the body' was already a corpse.

we tried to perform the first sister was pumping his chest...but it was futile.

..then it was follwed by he cries of little children..a little girl. "his" niece.

"Patay na si Papa"

that's what the other boy said.

he was immediately brought to the hospital..

then for 30 minutes waiting in our cottage (as we were waiting for our service back home)

a shocking revelation was delivered.

He was dead.

just like that.

he didn't die of drowning. It was said that he had a heart attack while swimming.

I couldn't help but really feel guilty, sad & burdened although I barely know him.

He was just a neighbor. a new one. who just happened to be in an outing I so excitingly planned.

Somehow..someway I blame myself. If I didn't plan to go back home..his life might have been spared. he might have the heart attack at home. Where he could be be easily noticed & brought to the hospital.

this is where he'd been laid before bringing to the hospital.

There I saw a frail & pale looking body.

his death was ssooo unexpected...someone who has a terminal disease is even luckier..for they know when to say goodbye..

..but him(?) he wasn't even given the chance to kiss his sons goodbye.

He's a father of 2 sons, a husband, a son & a new "kainuman"..sana.

Rest in Peace Tiyo Yieyie.



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  1. ei..don't blame yourself for what happened... nobody knew what was ahead. The best you can do now is to pray for him and his family.


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