Thursday, May 27, 2010

Living in the Wizarding World

Harry Potter has been a part of my maturity & growth.
I've followed it's lead characters Harry, Ron & Hermionie grow up.
I imagine life & school with them.
being seatmate & classmate with Hermionie..
studying in the library..
being in the Griffindor Common Room..
..riding the firebolt..or nimbus 2000..
casting spells..
making potions.
I've done all of that! in my dreams..only.
And I knew it was just like that. They will only remain in my reverie.
But as the Harry Potter Theme Park has materialized, my immature fantasy has finally found solace.
Who wouldn't want to visit Daigon Alley?
It's definitely now one of my life dreams/aspirations.
I will someday go to Florida & visit the Theme Park..even if it takes years..I will definitely go there.

I will relive the moment...

and hopefully meeet them as well.

Wizarding World..are you ready for me??

So who's my favorite character?

There's no doubt it's HERMIONIE. Her wit & beauty enamored me.

How about you?

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