Monday, November 30, 2009

First Day of December

This picture was taken by me last '08 Christmas at my Best Friend's House.

Today is a very significant day for me. Nope it's not my birthday nor my salary day. Today is the first day of December....which means....?????? what else but the CHRISTMAS we have all been waiting for. This is the time of the year that I keep looking forward to. It keeps me a child at heart!

I don't know but the name Christmas sounds blissful to my ears. I love to hear carols & christmas songs. I love to see various blinking lights...I love seeing & feeling the atmosphere of giving & loving around me.

What really matters most for me every Christmas is the thought that people never forget to give & share what they have unconditionally. There was one time that I was so giddy waiting for the special holiday. Then it came. I think I was in 2nd year high school. I woke up in the morning & I didn't receive any from my parents. My pocket was also empty. I felt sad the depressed then.... suddenly I became sulky. I had thought. "What does Christmas really mean?" Is it all about the gifts?? The lights?? the songs?? the rushing people in markets & department stores?? I had thought hard trying to find answers from my innocent mind.... then I looked around me. People are smiling. They are genuinely happy especially the kids. It enlightened me & gave me the real meaning of the holiday.

And so the countdoen continues.... here I am again finding the child in me every Christmas. I hope it's not only for Christmas. I wish to see things from a child's eyes..then I'm sure that would keep me smiling.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How to use ONETRUEMEDIA For Free

Do you want to make your pictures alive? Then OneTrueMedia is the best site for you...hahha This is not a promotion. I'm not paid for this. I am just simply sharing one of my best & helpful discoveries!! That has been my goal these past few months<<
To tell you simply how here's a video clip from youtube:

Onetrumedia is a site where you can make MONTAGES. (Click the word to know the meaning). They have saved styles in different categories. You just have to make an account there & upload images or pictures to start. They also have wide variety of songs & music to choose from. But based on my experience their songs are really old & really doesn't fit a young teenager/adult's modern taste. But there's a solution for that. You ca also upload your own song from your computer. The video above tells you the step by step process!!

By the way there are also features in the site tha you can't avail if you want it free. So you just have to select the FREE features.

To see samples of montages I've made click here.

I hope this is helpful!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Me Awakened or Threatened????

I am researching for new idioms while at the same time writing this blog entry..and you know what??? I find this reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally strange!

It's not like me to be doing this.

I've been working in Edu Plaza Ortigas for 1 year 8 months & 2o days & it tires me out to prepare for classes like this one. I've always relied on my stock knowledge than some recent researches. I've become conceited & overconfident that I could finish the class without even reading the book ahead of time! Usually, I would watch NARUTO few minutes/seconds before the class. That's how irresponsible I have become. And this kind of task still wears me out until now.

I arrived in the office late again, as usual!! One of the AM teachers even labeled me Ms. Consistent, (at least I do have a title) for my consistent tardiness. I didn't mind it also until now.

Until now that Ms. Ashley has reprimanded me about my LATE class yesterday even before I settled down in my station & arrange my things. I felt embarassed, humiliated & stupid although this has happened so many times already. This is like a reminiscence of my first 3 months here. I always committed mistakes & I,whose presence was often "demanded" in the manager's office. I reflected on myself. Why the hell am I like this?? After that I've realized how much I've changed. How much my head has apparently been blown out of proportion. This is not me!! I know! I have to change, before everything's late. I don't want to be overwhelmed with regrets again. I have to do something now. That's how I landed on the IDIOM site.

Well I guess it's the start. I "guess"?? I hope & wish & do believe. That should be the term.

I am now full of apprenhension. Something I'm not prepared of.

I am not asked to attend the Saturday seminar/training on Dec. 5 for all teachers. It's about the new japanese account. I dont know why & either do Mr. Lee & Ms. Jaks. I am clueless! That's been one of the signal for me. A wake up call. I hope I'm realy awakened.

I hope it's not too late....

Psych 3A Memorabilia - Group Dynamics

I listened to this wonderful song by Anastasia entitled "At the Beginning" - I was really touched to the extent that I made a video covering our culminating activity in our subject Group Dynamics along with the song. We, the LIGHT BLUE team was the champion so it was such a reward for all the hardships we've been through during the entire game.

Here's the vid:

Here's the lyrics of the song:

At The Beginning

by: Anastacia

We were strangers

Starting out on a journey

Never dreamingWhat we'd have to go through

Now here we areAnd I'm suddenly standingAt the beginning with you

No one told meI was going to find you

nexpectedWhat you did to my heart

When I lost hopeYou were there to remind me

This is the startAnd...

ife is a road

And I want to keep goingLove is a river

I wanna keep flowingLife is a road

Now and forever

Wonderful journey

I'll be there

When the world stops turning

I'll be there

When the storm is through

In the end I wanna be standing

At the beginning with you

We were strangers

On a crazy adventure

Never dreaming

How our dreams would come true

Now here we stand

Unafraid of the future

At the beginning with you

And...Life is a road

And I want to keep going

Love is a river

I wanna keep flowing

Life is a road

Now and forever

Wonderful journeyI'll be there

When the world stops turning

I'll be there

When the storm is through

In the end I wanna be standing

At the beginning with you

I knew there was somebody somewhere

Like me alone in the dark

Now I know my dream will live on

I've been waiting so long

Nothing's gonna tear us apartAnd

Life is a road

And I want to keep going

Love is a riverI wanna keep flowing

Life is a roadNow and forever

Wonderful journey

I'll be there

When the world stops turningI'll be there

When the storm is through

In the end I wanna be standing

At the beginning with you

Life is a road and I wanna keep going

Love is a river I wanna keep going on

Starting out on a journey

Life is a road and I wanna keep going

Love is river I wanna keep flowingIn the end I wanna be standing

At the beginning with you.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Moon Absolutely Free Online Watching

"New Moon" is now the talk of the town. My colleagues are talking all about it. Unfortunately I couldn't go with the flow since I wasn't able to watch it last weekend.... Some say it's just soso...while others say it's not that good. I wanna see for myself so although it seems to be a bit impossible I tried to search it on the net hoping it's there. At first it seemed futile for there were so many scams & surveys & something to fill out..but luckily I came acroos this site.

I am now watching it. Although the quality is not that good, I think it's good enough. After all Im just really after how the actors portrayed their respective roles. I am not really a fan of this vampire sequel... I was just curious why a lot of girls of all ages are screaming for it. And I think I stay to be that way..just a curious onlo0oker.

Here's the credible site where you can watch the movie absolutely for free.

1. the way...the quality is not that grat. It's obvious source is the theater but I hope this would be helpful to all the eager fans out there.

2. Watch from
Megavideo - here it stops every 74 minutes of watching so beware. But it resumes aftre 51 minutes.

3. Through

Please comment so that I can work it out if there's a problem with the link. Thanks!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ooops!! Taboo to KOreans>>

As a phone english teacher to KOreans I have encountered some taboos for them. You won't dare mention these to them if you want to in good terms.

1. They(especially women) don't wanna be asked about their weight.
2. Some KOreans don't want to be said they have SMALL eyes. They think having SMALL eyes is unattractive.
3. They don't wanna be labeled as divorcee.

I think for now that would be all...I'll update this in the future if any come up.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Send FREE sms, text to any mobile phone

Note: It is limited to 80 characters only

Aside from Chikka text, there's an alternate way to send free text messages to any mobile phone anywhere in the world using your computer, without installing any client or software.

There's no need to logon too. We introduce to you the Gizmo SMS.

How to send free SMS / text messages to any mobile phone:

1. Simply go to and you will see the image below.

2. Provide the necessary information (country, mobile number) and then type your message.

3. Verify the code and then click Send.

As easy as that...the only difference is you can't get any reply. It's just merely for sending messages. This is really good for emergencies!!

Wala kang pera pero gusto mong mag-aral??

            • Do you have the strong desire to improve the quality of your life??

            • Are you willing to find ways to continue your studies?? (college, highschool)

            • Are you hardworking enough to do something about your future??

            If your answer is a big YES, then you deserve a chance for scholarships.

            Usually when we hear SCHOLARSHIPS we think of some geek & brilliant students who can solve mathematical equations, speak fluent English & top students in their school/class & etc. It somehow intimidates us at times. (Like what happened to me) But scholarships are not all about that. Sometimes ATTITUDE is more important. As long as you have strong DETERMINATION to do something about your life then you deserve to know that there are certain scholarships & opportunities for you.


            1. Find a part-time/full-time jobs.

            This seems very difficult considering the schedule but it's POSSIBLE. You can arrange your schedule to fit your working hours. Sometimes you'd have to drop some subjects. It's inevitable. It's better that way than just be a "tambay" & let yourself rot at home doing nothing.

            If you really are determined, you wouldn't mind the tiresome fastfood jobs. Here in Manila, Caloocan to be specific I see schoolmates scattered around Sm Fairview & Robinson. Some are in either Jollibbee, McDonalds or SM Supermarket/hypermarket.

            Some also are very innovative that they attend vocational training offered by TESDA (to know more about TESDA, click here) & render their own services like pedicure, manicure & etc. There are also available call center trainings & so many other options.

            2. Scholarships

            There are numerous scholarship programs the governmnet is offering to 'poor but deserving students":

            • Kabataang Pilipino Inc. - I don't know much about the specific details but CLICK HERE to find more.

            • The DOST Scholarship program

            • Filipino Iskolar - this is for International & local studies.

            • Pinoy Scholar - provides a list of discounts and scholarships available across the Philippines. This is not exactly a scholarship. This is a site where list of different schools offering discounts in tution fees is listed. There are specific province names in aplhabetical order.

            3. Then there's the CHED's (Commission on Higher Education) STUDY NOW PAY LATER PROGRAM - as the name suggests they will loan money to students whose applications are approved & the student have to pay it later, when he/she is already working.

            Not bad right?? Here are the specific details:


            A. LEGAL BASIS

            1. R.A. 8545 amending R.A. 6728

            B. CLIENTELE

            Deserving College Students


            Selected Private HEIs


            Priority Courses


            1. Filipino citizen
            2.Currently enrolled or intend to enroll in any of the CHED-priority courses
            3.Not more than 30 years of age at the time the application for loan
            4. With 75 percentile rank or above in the National Secondary Achievement Test (NSAT)
            5.Have a weighted average of 2.5 or higher in the last semester in college, if attended any
            6.With parents/guardians having a gross annual income of not more than P150,000.00
            7.Not presently enjoying any scholarship or study grant


            1. Latest BIR Income Tax Return (ITR) of applicant’s parents/ guardians
            2. High School Report Card (Form 138), for incoming freshmen
            3. Official enrollment certificate and statement of accounts for those with college units
            4. Official report of ratings or certificate of grades for the last semester attended issued by the school registrar or dean, with an average of not lower than 2.5 for those with college units, and
            5. Certification of guarantee of loan by a GSIS/SSS member guarantor


            1. Secure application form from the College Registrar of a private HEIs authorized by CHED to administer the SNPLP or from the CHED Regional Office, and
            2. Submit the accomplished form together with the required documents to the Registrar’s Office
            3. Wait for the notice form the CHED Regional Office if accepted or not to the program


            A maximum loan of P 7,250.00 per semester to cover tuition and other school fees

            I think this would be all for now. But surely if I've heard & seen some scholarships again I will update as soon as I can. I hope this is helpful..You can post questions if you want. I'll try to answer them to the best of my knowledge & capabilities. Thanks!

            Wednesday, November 11, 2009

            GAKUEN ALICE ( Alice Academy)

            Still light-hearted from what I just I am, so idealistic about life. Everything seems so simple & nice. Evrybody looks smiling to me.

            I have learned to realize & notice how wonderful my life is after watching the 26 episodes of
            GAKUEN ALICE. (click the title to watch for free complete Season 1)

            I guess for us Filipinos Alice Academy is more familiar.

            It's a show in ABS-CBN about a young Mikan who runs away to Tokyo to follow her best friend, Hotaru, who has been enrolled in an exclusive, secretive private school for geniuses. But it turns out that Alice Academy is a lot more than meets the eye. If Mikan wants to stay by Hotaru's side, she has to both pass the strange "entrance exam" and face the even greater challenge of befriending her very odd new classmates. Whether it's Hotaru's gift for inventing gadgets, the cranky Natsume's fire-casting ability, or Professor Narumi's control of human pheromones, everyone at the school has some sort of special talent. But what ability, if any, does Mikan possess? Mikan is going to have to rely on her courage and spunk if she's going to stay in school, or even stay alive! This manga has lifted my spirit. Like a heroin for some. I am "high"..

            But I was saddened to know that the season 2 hasn't come out yet.... huhuhuhuh....

            ...anyway... I'm happy to know that these kinds of pieces are still present in a time of modernization. Good thing the old morals aren't modernized yet!
            LINKS: For the MANGA reading click here
            For free online watching/streaming of SEASON 1 click here

            Thursday, November 5, 2009

            Easiest Way To Download Videos from YOUTUBE!! - for FREE

            When I googled the net to learn how to download videos from YouTube, I have encountered a lot...& all of them proved to be frustrating & tiresome...until I came across with this simple 3-step video downloading.

            I don't wanna keep it just to myself so I'm sharing this to all of you.

            Here's a video clip to show you how:

            Hope you like it! And by the way video files are in flv & mp4 format.