Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Moon Absolutely Free Online Watching

"New Moon" is now the talk of the town. My colleagues are talking all about it. Unfortunately I couldn't go with the flow since I wasn't able to watch it last weekend.... Some say it's just soso...while others say it's not that good. I wanna see for myself so although it seems to be a bit impossible I tried to search it on the net hoping it's there. At first it seemed futile for there were so many scams & surveys & something to fill out..but luckily I came acroos this site.

I am now watching it. Although the quality is not that good, I think it's good enough. After all Im just really after how the actors portrayed their respective roles. I am not really a fan of this vampire sequel... I was just curious why a lot of girls of all ages are screaming for it. And I think I stay to be that way..just a curious onlo0oker.

Here's the credible site where you can watch the movie absolutely for free.

1. the way...the quality is not that grat. It's obvious source is the theater but I hope this would be helpful to all the eager fans out there.

2. Watch from
Megavideo - here it stops every 74 minutes of watching so beware. But it resumes aftre 51 minutes.

3. Through

Please comment so that I can work it out if there's a problem with the link. Thanks!

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