Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How to use ONETRUEMEDIA For Free

Do you want to make your pictures alive? Then OneTrueMedia is the best site for you...hahha This is not a promotion. I'm not paid for this. I am just simply sharing one of my best & helpful discoveries!! That has been my goal these past few months<<
To tell you simply how here's a video clip from youtube:

Onetrumedia is a site where you can make MONTAGES. (Click the word to know the meaning). They have saved styles in different categories. You just have to make an account there & upload images or pictures to start. They also have wide variety of songs & music to choose from. But based on my experience their songs are really old & really doesn't fit a young teenager/adult's modern taste. But there's a solution for that. You ca also upload your own song from your computer. The video above tells you the step by step process!!

By the way there are also features in the site tha you can't avail if you want it free. So you just have to select the FREE features.

To see samples of montages I've made click here.

I hope this is helpful!

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