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An Enlightening Article About Cheating

I do not know if there is any truth to this (article) in my previous relationship but this may be a good point to consider. 

I wondered why I somehow felt that he still wanted to hold onto the relationship despite his confession. I just couldn't get it. What was the point? Anyway, I just don't want any of it so it ended. Am I a loyal woman now? Perhaps. 


By: Ebrahim Aseem -
When I confessed to my EX’s questioning of my fidelity over a year ago, all she could say was “wow”. She seemed very taken aback by my answer. So today, when I was asked ‘why men cheat’ by a young lady during a Public Speaking event, I was initial hesitant to share the full conversation me and my EX had about her suspicion of my lack of loyalty.
“Can you tell me why all men cheat on loyal Women?” a curly haired PreMed student asked me today, during my public speak to a room full of 300 Women. My response to her question was,
“Males cheat on loyal women to boost their ego. A woman can be perfect for him. Beautiful, career minded, own money, cooks, does whatever he wants her to do in bed, loyal, intelligent, educated, faithful and yet, he will still cheat on her with an ugly, kangaroo looking girl every time. But why?
How a male treats a woman is NOT a reflection of HER worth. Nor is it a reflection on anything she LACKS or is not doing. An overly macho, mentally weak, sensitive-minded male knows he does not DESERVE a strong minded woman. In his mind, he thinks one day she will mentally awaken to the realization she deserves better than him & leave him. This is why males cheat on a woman, to have POWER over her. He cheats on her to boost his ego. 
Most “males” are more insecure than women. Notice I referred to a “male” and not a “man”, as there is a distinct difference. Many males have VERY low self esteem. You can tell, that’s why he says, “I only fuck with bad bitches”. He is saying this to convince himself, attempting to drown out his insecurities that are on repeat inside of his own mind.
By cheating on a good woman, it makes a weak minded male feel he has POWER over her. It makes him feel he is worth more than her. A male knows if he cheats on a loyal woman, she will care about him more. Yes, initially she will be shocked a man has the audacity to cheat on her, especially with an UGLY woman. No, not merely “physically” ugly, no. The word UGLY describes the particular amount of compassion, sweetness and being genuine and nurturing the woman he cheats with lacks.
A woman whose loyalty is taken for granted will question herself like:
“what is wrong with me?
Am I not I’m pretty enough?
Is my ass not curvy and fat enough for him?
Is my stomach not slim enough for him?
Is it because I won’t let him bring another girl in the bedroom with us?
Is it my smart mouth?
Is it that I’m always “over emotional” like he complains?
What aren’t I doing right?
Should I do more?”
Then she will try to stay with him to PROVE to him she is better than the girl he cheated on her with. To prove to herself she can fight for love and can help him by help changing a bad boy into a good man, fooling herself. This is reverse psychology. A weak minded male just got a Good Woman to mentally submit herself to a mentally immature man, purely by cheating on her. Males use cheating to TRICK a good woman into SETTLING for him. But this mind game many males play cannot and will not work on a Loyal woman who knows her WORTH.
I learned as Men, we must realize that ONE woman who holds us down and stays by our side, after we cheat on her, lie to her, hurt her, use her and disrespect her over & over & over, she is NOT loyal. She is WEAK. She is poisonous. She will hold back your growth as a Man. Don’t be fooled & think a girl telling you what you want to hear is loyalty.
As a mentally mature Man, we need a Woman who will be genuine with us at all times, even if that means she speaks her mind to the point her words pierce us and her tone appears to be “smart mouthed”. In reality, she’s not being “smart mouthed’ she’s being a Queen mentality strong enough to verbally ascend to her thrown.
a Loyal, Strong Minded Woman will speak her mind, regardless of what anyone thinks. Tell us the TRUTH. Tell us when we are WRONG. A Loyal woman will not allow us to hurt her multiple times & still accept us. That is NOT loyalty. Not at all. That is Pacifying. Babying. Appeasing.
A Loyal Woman will be loyal to your MANHOOD, not loyal to your EGO. A Loyal Woman will tell us the TRUTH, even if that means she might LOSE us. A Loyal Woman will tell us when our shitstinks, even if it makes us mad. A mentally mature man does not want a YES woman. Trust me. We don’t want a girl who will LET us hurt you and abuse you over & over & still accept us back, simply because you keep being told through Instagram Memes that real love must be suffered through and fought for. If she still stays with us after we prove to her time and time again that we genuinely aren’t strong enough as a man to keep her consistently happy in a relationship, it means she doesn’t really care about us as a man. She only cares about how we make her feel sexually. She is dickdizzy.
When a Woman truly LOVES a man, she loves him at his BEST, not settling for his worst. She wants us to BE the MAN who we were destined to be by the Holy Spirit. A man who can speak life into a woman, erase her insecurities, and shower her with loyalty and consistence. A loyal woman will tell her man to get his lazy ass up, get a job & pursue his dreams. A Loyal Woman will not allow a man to live off her. A Loyal Woman will not baby a man by working a job herself, while he sits his lazy ass in her house all day, playing XBOX and eating Lucky Charms and Pop Tarts raw.
A Loyal Woman will not allow a man to talk down to her & disrespect her like she’s any girl, because she knows a mentally mature man DESERVES a Strong Minded Woman. A Loyal Woman will not allow a man to refer to her as a Bitch, Bad Bitch, Boss Bitch, My Bitch, Wifey Bitch, because she knows we deserve a Queen who has integrity.
A Loyal Woman will not allow a male to FORCE her to get an abortion, or let him off the hook for abandoning her after getting her pregnant, because she knows we DESERVE to be a Father, not a Baby Daddy. A Loyal Woman will not tell a man what he wants to hear, she will feed him wisdom he NEEDS to hear and not be scared to do to it, because she is Loyal to his inner king, which is his spirit. A Loyal Woman will not allow a man to cheat on her over & over, leave her, then come crawling his cheating ass back after he had sex with every girl in the neighborhood, 11 of his followers on twitter, every girl who liked the pick of his “are you DTF or nah?” meme on his Instagram page. No, because she knows her worth.
Just as I speak to you women today, I speak life into young men as well, and I tell them to carry themselves as a KING, to hold their head high and never settle for a WEAK woman, when he deserves a Strong Queen like you young women. Yes, a WEAK Woman may always tell a man that he is right, yes she will let him use her, yes she will give him her money to pay his phone bill that is in his mother’s name, and she will give him her money without him even having to ask, but; she can never make him a better man and she can never love him like, a loyal woman can.
I made a huge mistake committing myself to a weak minded woman before, and that woman was my ex. Last year after I broke up with her, she asked me if I ever cheated on her, as she always suspected. I told her the truth and confessed, “I have never cheated on you or any woman, and I have never been unfaithful in any relationship.”
After my confession, all she could say was, “wow”, because it is commonly assumed all men cheat, yet this is completely false. I could agree all males cheat, at some point in their life, but a “Man” not a “male” but a man knows if he cheats, he would be not only cheating on a good woman, he would be cheating himself out of allowing a loyal woman to help mold him into a king.
Many people argue men cheat, because his woman will not do what his women on the side will, but he would never even consider the option of having women on the side if he deserved her in the first place. Some men are genuinely not ready for a relationship. To force one with him is only creating a relationship death wish. The idea that men are incapable of being monogamous is false.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

What I Learned from My Recent Break up

Let me just be very quick so I will just enumerate them.

I've had my first break up recently. If you're expecting some bitterness and ill feelings sorry to disappoint you because there's none here.

photo not mine

So here's the list in no particular order.

1. You can't fight for someone who isn't yours (anymore) - clearly and plainly said. No need for explanations.
2. Values and faith matter the most - Know your values and stick to it. No person is worthy enough to make you turn away from your values and faith.
3. Huwag mo nang ipilit - Kasi naman e. Alam mo na dati pa bakit ipagpipilitan pa.
4. There's no turning back. - period-
5. Trust your instinct - Most of the time, it's isn't paranoia. It's instinct. It's what remains when your senses betray you.
6. Believe your closest friends - No one know what's best for you than your closest friends
7. You will know who your friends are
8. People (your ex and the 3rd party ish) may also be victims of the circumstances. - So understand them. (Okay I admit it. a hint of sarcasm there) Be friends with them even if it hurts at first but don't linger on the thought. It doesn't make you less human/person. The more you hate the more you deprive yourself of other good things that may come your way.
9. Don't play the 'victim' role - At some point, somehow you may have had shortcomings as well. be brave and honest enough to acknowledge that.
10. Life is too precious and too short to spend on hating and blaming - Just smile. ^__^ It's happening for a reason. Usually, painful experiences are great turning points in life. Trust me.

photo not mine

Aquaphobic But Wants to go Scuba Diving?

Worry no more as it is possible. YES. Based on experience.  

I am a self-proclaimed aquaphobic as at the age of 25, I still don't know how to swim. As a child, I've experienced being drowned more than twice and it really really haunted me to the point that even floating was impossible. So when my ex invited me to a scuba diving, I hesitated a little - no erase that. I panicked! I love the thrill of trying something entirely new but at the same time, I was more than scared. I considered it a challenge and I was confident that he would be there in case anything happens so I said yes finally. Then I changed mind several times and tried to come up with excuses to him but to no avail. Imagine how I got grew more and more anxious as each day drew closer to 'the day'.  

May 17, 2014 and we were already at the resort at Bagalangit Batangas. We got introduced to our diving instructor who is a foreigner (Dutch) much to my dismay. I was hoping a Filipino so I could be comfortable around him and I can freely raise my questions and concerns. But I was very happy to know that he's very friendly, accommodating and very understanding about my situation. It turns out he's an expert in training aquaphobics so I was soooo relieved. What happened next are enumerated below. 

1.  ORIENTATION - We were asked to watch a 30+ minute video about the basics of scuba diving. 

Jeroun Elout - our diving instructor 

2. HEALTH CHECK - This was a requirement to check which conditions you might have that could possibly endanger or disqualify you. Luckily I passed?

3. WAIVER - Person to contact in case of emergency was listed and then our signature. This is the first time I took waivers seriously. I felt that however safe and reliable my comrades were, there was still a risk. 

4. SNORKELING - mask + snorkel and we were good to go. This was the first time I was able to successfully float! FLOAT I DID! I was so mesmerized by the view below that I went to the deeper side and nearly got drowned again. I still feel shame for that incident for I cried HELP so loud even though we were just near the shore. 

5. EQUIPMENT - We were introduced to our friends underwater -- the scuba set sans the wet suit

6. SCUBA DIVING!! - Good thing the sea was so calm and friendly + my ever reassuring friends and instructor 

Here I was already at ease that I started enjoying the view and forgot the supposed risks.

 7. DIVING LOG - We were asked if we liked to avail this which we will be used as documentation of all our dives for possible certification purposes. I actually agreed to join so I could prove to myself that I tried even once. Never did I imagine that I would want to be CERTIFIED. :D This is worth Php 100.00 by the way.

So there!! I can't believe my luck and the courage I've gathered. I DID IT! You can too. 

Additional Information: 

1. Diving Instructor - Jeroen Elout 

2. Total Diving Expenses: 
Dive + Gear: 1,500
Tent: Free c/o Jeroen 
Resort Entrance Fee: 500.00 (2 nights) 
Fare: 350.00 (roundtrip QC to Batangas vv) 
Others: 300
Total: 2,750.00

Saturday, May 10, 2014

3 Idiots [Movie Review]

This is a 2009 movie but I've just heard of it a few days ago from my boyfriend. Hmm.. how should I start?

Disclaimer: This blogger is nowhere near a real/pro movie review writer so don't expect much. She rarely posts comments about movies but she feels it's a crime not to do so this time.  

Let me just share an overview from Wikipedia 

3 Idiots (Hindi: ३ इडियट्स ) is a 2009 Indian coming-of-age comedy-drama film directed by Rajkumar Hirani, with a screenplay by Abhijat Joshi, and produced by Vidhu Vinod Chopra. It was loosely adapted from the novel Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat. The film stars Aamir Khan,Kareena Kapoor, R. Madhavan, Sharman Joshi, Omi Vaidya, Parikshit Sahni and Boman Irani. 3 Idiots went on to become the highest-grossing Bollywood film.

Upon release, the film broke all opening box office records in India. It was the highest-grossing film in its opening weekend in India and had the highest opening day collections for a Bollywood film. It also held the record for highest net collections in the first week for a Bollywood film. It also became one of the few Indian films to become a major success in East Asian markets such as China, eventually bringing its overseas total to more than US$ 25 million—the highest-grossing Bollywood film of all time in overseas markets, before being overtaken by Dhoom 3. It was expected to be the first Indian film to be officially released on YouTube, within 12 weeks of releasing in theatres on 25 March 2010, but finally got officially released on YouTube in May 2012. The film also went on to win many awards, winning six Filmfare Awards including best film and best director, ten Star Screen Awards and sixteen IIFA awards.


I've just finished watching this movie a few hours ago and I think I still have a hangover. I laughed. I cried. I cringed. I'm now also so infatuated with the lead actor. He looks so much like Jude Law. His gestures and facial expressions. It's not the main reason though why I fell in love with it. Let me just enumerate some

(in no particular order) 

1. THE PLOT - The movie tells us about the errors in the educational system, the struggles of university students to keep up with the rat race, lesson about a professor's pride, the beauty about going against the bandwagon 

2. AAMIR KHAN - Yes. The lead actor. I may be biased but I really like his portrayal of 'Rancho'. I find him really cute but aside from that, he has this unique way of expressing so much emotion without even uttering a word. He could do it through his eyes and forehead alone. He didn't bank so much on his looks. He would hold the viewers' attention through his gaze and expressions and I find it quite rare from actors of this generation.    

3. CULTURAL INFO - I've learned about the caste system, marriage traditions in India, the ductaional system (like top rank students are seated in front/beside the school director) and etc. and found it a  bit daunting but quite fascinating 

4. THE MORAL LESSON - It's becoming more and more the theme in some movies today-about going after your dreams even if it's against the convention. But there's no better way of expressing or communicating it to the audience than how the movie did to me.    

I would actually like to tell you more about it but I'll let you decide for yourself so GO watch the movie. Be enamored. Let me know and let's talk about it some time. :)