Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Aquaphobic But Wants to go Scuba Diving?

Worry no more as it is possible. YES. Based on experience.  

I am a self-proclaimed aquaphobic as at the age of 25, I still don't know how to swim. As a child, I've experienced being drowned more than twice and it really really haunted me to the point that even floating was impossible. So when my ex invited me to a scuba diving, I hesitated a little - no erase that. I panicked! I love the thrill of trying something entirely new but at the same time, I was more than scared. I considered it a challenge and I was confident that he would be there in case anything happens so I said yes finally. Then I changed mind several times and tried to come up with excuses to him but to no avail. Imagine how I got grew more and more anxious as each day drew closer to 'the day'.  

May 17, 2014 and we were already at the resort at Bagalangit Batangas. We got introduced to our diving instructor who is a foreigner (Dutch) much to my dismay. I was hoping a Filipino so I could be comfortable around him and I can freely raise my questions and concerns. But I was very happy to know that he's very friendly, accommodating and very understanding about my situation. It turns out he's an expert in training aquaphobics so I was soooo relieved. What happened next are enumerated below. 

1.  ORIENTATION - We were asked to watch a 30+ minute video about the basics of scuba diving. 

Jeroun Elout - our diving instructor 

2. HEALTH CHECK - This was a requirement to check which conditions you might have that could possibly endanger or disqualify you. Luckily I passed?

3. WAIVER - Person to contact in case of emergency was listed and then our signature. This is the first time I took waivers seriously. I felt that however safe and reliable my comrades were, there was still a risk. 

4. SNORKELING - mask + snorkel and we were good to go. This was the first time I was able to successfully float! FLOAT I DID! I was so mesmerized by the view below that I went to the deeper side and nearly got drowned again. I still feel shame for that incident for I cried HELP so loud even though we were just near the shore. 

5. EQUIPMENT - We were introduced to our friends underwater -- the scuba set sans the wet suit

6. SCUBA DIVING!! - Good thing the sea was so calm and friendly + my ever reassuring friends and instructor 

Here I was already at ease that I started enjoying the view and forgot the supposed risks.

 7. DIVING LOG - We were asked if we liked to avail this which we will be used as documentation of all our dives for possible certification purposes. I actually agreed to join so I could prove to myself that I tried even once. Never did I imagine that I would want to be CERTIFIED. :D This is worth Php 100.00 by the way.

So there!! I can't believe my luck and the courage I've gathered. I DID IT! You can too. 

Additional Information: 

1. Diving Instructor - Jeroen Elout 
Email: jelout@hotmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jeroen.elout?fref=ts

2. Total Diving Expenses: 
Dive + Gear: 1,500
Tent: Free c/o Jeroen 
Resort Entrance Fee: 500.00 (2 nights) 
Fare: 350.00 (roundtrip QC to Batangas vv) 
Others: 300
Total: 2,750.00

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