Tuesday, June 10, 2014

What I Learned from My Recent Break up

Let me just be very quick so I will just enumerate them.

I've had my first break up recently. If you're expecting some bitterness and ill feelings sorry to disappoint you because there's none here.

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So here's the list in no particular order.

1. You can't fight for someone who isn't yours (anymore) - clearly and plainly said. No need for explanations.
2. Values and faith matter the most - Know your values and stick to it. No person is worthy enough to make you turn away from your values and faith.
3. Huwag mo nang ipilit - Kasi naman e. Alam mo na dati pa bakit ipagpipilitan pa.
4. There's no turning back. - period-
5. Trust your instinct - Most of the time, it's isn't paranoia. It's instinct. It's what remains when your senses betray you.
6. Believe your closest friends - No one know what's best for you than your closest friends
7. You will know who your friends are
8. People (your ex and the 3rd party ish) may also be victims of the circumstances. - So understand them. (Okay I admit it. a hint of sarcasm there) Be friends with them even if it hurts at first but don't linger on the thought. It doesn't make you less human/person. The more you hate the more you deprive yourself of other good things that may come your way.
9. Don't play the 'victim' role - At some point, somehow you may have had shortcomings as well. be brave and honest enough to acknowledge that.
10. Life is too precious and too short to spend on hating and blaming - Just smile. ^__^ It's happening for a reason. Usually, painful experiences are great turning points in life. Trust me.

photo not mine

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