Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Birthday Treat

My boss treated us August birthday celebrators to a Korean Restaurant just around Ortigas.

All I understood from place's sign was 24 hours open!

So I call that resto as 24 hours resto.

haha it was all in kOrEaN!

anyway, the food was ..... urgh!!

Can't describe. heheh but I liked most of them.

we ate:(not so sure of the spelling)

1. topoki

2. chapche

3. samgyeopsal (my most favorite korean food)

5. kimbap


I may sound a bit ignorant but the 'water' seemed a bit contaminated of some kind of tea.

Well Mr. Lee said it was a water where they broiled a corn?

I'm not so sure.It looked dirty though..I wasn't sure if it was safe.


I have a those who are familiar with topoki out there!

Does it have some alcoholic ingredient??

Ah I got a little tipsy (I think) after eating it. When I got back to work after the treat..I was like really drunk.

you know.I have very low toleration for alcohol.

In my whole life .I think I've drunk just 3/4 of red horse bottle!

And in some inuman sessions with friends.. I am always the 'kitchen person'..hehe trying to avoid the 'tagay'.

and another thing...I onced tried tequila.With just one shot I felt dizze & dozed off.(no kidding)

ah anyway...

even before my birthday I've been receiving so much blessings that wishing for gifts is already an icing on the cake.

Thanks to all the people who have been a prt of my life.

..and that f course includes you my dear kaBLOG!

Passing on the Wisdom

except for the RED one. These are the books I plan to send to a kablog here.

I read his post about how much he likes to read them but couldn't afford to buy one due to insufficent financial resources.

I am not sure yet when I'll be able to send these to him but for sure it's before Christmas!

He was a bit skeptical at first but I exlpained that I just wanna PASS on what I have learned from these books. I've already acquired the wisdom.

I treasure them no doubt, but if I'll just display them on our shelves then they'll be futile in their attempt to reach out to the youth.

So there.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


August is supposed to be my month because it's my birthday. Before, I used to feel very excited about it. like a kid eagerly anticipating Christmas...

but now...a lot of things seem more important.

like I shouldn't waste any minute planning a party or simple salo-salo.

But anyway I still thank God for another year. It's been a bountiful one for me.

I will turn 22 on the 26th of this month!

Happy Birthday to me!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Shocking News.

Last Saturday my older sister, younger brother & I were goofing around...talking about silly things..we received a shocking txt message from our sister who's 2 years younger than me & now in the province.

...she started it with this..

"...Te ano gusto mo? buhay ako o patay?"

(..we shrugged it off..since the atmosphere then was really jocular..but we asked.)

what's the problem? nagtitrip ka na naman no?hehehe para kang tanga!"

badus ako

(buntis ako)


huwaat???? lang buwan na?

9 months.

(huwaaat?? again..never really thought it's possible)

..I think SHOCKED was even an understatement for what we truly felt that time.

If you know us siblings &'d immediately say that I'd be the first one to get maried & be involved in these kinds of things.

I least expected it.

just last May I was there with them..I noticed she got bigger. her hips and all but I never really thought that she's pregnant. It was easy to hide since she's been nearly obese the whole time. She's able to keep it from our parents & neighbors!!

we persuaded her to tell our parents that in case anything happens at least they know what to do. And also I sent her comforting words. words she never thought would come from someone 'righteous' like me.

Honestly....although now that I am partly the breadwinner..I don't feel really bad about it. I know I have my own obligations..for my studies, for the house, to bring food on our table (for me, my younger brother & older sister)..send money back home..

BUT I just can't bring myself to HATE my sister for what she did.

In fact..I feel so guilty..that all this time I'd been with her..I've never been a real sister.

I never felt her dillema. never comforted her in times when she almost planned to kill an angel inside her..times when she almost gave up her life.
naturingan pa man din akong Psychology major student.

GUILT overwhelms me right now..but I am more than willing to make it up to her.

It was SATURDAY night ..when she told our parents..

my father just received his VERDICT.

that's what he's been dreading all his life. that all the 'kapilyuhan' he did when he was younger with numerous women will be paid by one of his daughters.

although I wasn't there..I kind of picture what he truly felt..I'm sure it wouldn't be manifested on his face. He's good at hiding his feelings & pretending indifferent you know.

..then next to know was my Mom..who just came from his 'labada' from a neighbor's house.(yes.that's how poor we are)

..she just cried...

..and upon knowing heart was filled with pity..with overwhelming desire to take her out of that filthy place where her in-law's condemn her.

..then she slept with her constant companion.

her tears.

...not to exaggerate or sound OA...

but it just really breaks my heart to know these kind of news about her.

I can't do anything right now.

I just have to continue what I'm doing..stay where I am and hopefully...

make her someday truly happy in her life.


SATURDAY was the revelation day..and here comes SUNDAY.

the 'DELIVERY' day!

she gave birth the day after she shocked us all!

It was a baby girl!!

& she took all the characteristics in my mother's side..

mestisa, matangos ilong, kissable lips. just like what my mother used to be..

My mom..the new LOLA couldn't help but be swayed & be enamored by this little angel in our family. She was very happy..proud & all that!

We called her upon knowing that everythin's been okay...all she said were the good looks the baby got from her side..

and I even asked outright..

"san niyo po iuuwi si **** niyan?"

I was expecting that my sis would be brought to another's avoid the mock, the shame to my mother..

..but all she said was..

"mas mabuti nang nadagdagan,,kesa nabawasan!"

How a mother just so unconditional. can't describe it. words fail me.

She doesn't care about all those nosey, annoying people around her.

While I was extremely worried.

It's not that they (gossip mongers)'s just that I'm thinking how it will affect my mother.

that's all.

but since it's okay now to her.I'm okay.

but it's still I know in some way..she'll be affected... I just hope I'm more capable now to bring our family all together in one roof.


these gossipmongers are a hybrid kind. they come in many forms..some are try to seem nice..some are outright.

They've been inflicting us since the day we lost all the 'good fortune'....



I still have a lot to tell.. but I realized they are not worth the effort & time?.

so here.

this ends here.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ms. Universe Hopeful

The late Jojo Acuin's magazine mentioning predictions for the year 2010 once said Philippines will have another Ms. Universe title holder this year. So I'm really hoping that our candidate Ma. Venus Raj who's also my fellow Bikolana will be able to secure that crown.

Photo from the Ms. Universe website.

We are not new to the controversies she has encountered before securing the spot to compete in the said competition. So we all know that she went through a lot!

Anyway, it's been circulating around in different local & internatonal news portals that this lass is an early favorite. In additiion to that..she topped that online voting.(picture above)wow! I'm getting really excited for this competition.

Let's keep our fingers crossed for this!

Aside from beauty & brain..I also admire her character.

People I personally know who had personal contact with Ms. Raj all have praises for her.

MY SISTER: she was attending this school/campus writers in Bicol University & Ms. Raj I think was one of the coordinators of the event. One of my sister's companion got sick during the 3-day event & Ms. Raj came to help. SHe was th eone who personally brought the medicine & took good care of that ill fellow. that time Ms. Raj was still title holder for a region wide pageant. I'm not sure about what the pageant was but I'm sure that it was the time when she hasn't entered the national scene yet.

MY CLASSMATE: Rodel is now working part-time for BPCI or Bb. Pilipinas Charities Inc. the company responsible for these beauty queens including Ms. Raj. This classmate of mine is one of those who packed the baggages, took videos & pictures of Ms. Raj during her events. (interviews, guestings & etc.) and even before she left for Las Vegas. He said that this lady is jus very humble & kind unlike any other title holders out there.

Anyway, now I'm really hoping that the prediction wcomes true although I don't reall believe in those. Let's just all pray, wait & see!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Seven dangerous Acts After Meal

I'm not quite sure about the truth of all this although there are some explanations on the video.

What do you think??

I say it's not bad to avoid them now right?

Monday, August 2, 2010

picture update

picture from our pantry. Those our the team building pics.