Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ms. Universe Hopeful

The late Jojo Acuin's magazine mentioning predictions for the year 2010 once said Philippines will have another Ms. Universe title holder this year. So I'm really hoping that our candidate Ma. Venus Raj who's also my fellow Bikolana will be able to secure that crown.

Photo from the Ms. Universe website.

We are not new to the controversies she has encountered before securing the spot to compete in the said competition. So we all know that she went through a lot!

Anyway, it's been circulating around in different local & internatonal news portals that this lass is an early favorite. In additiion to that..she topped that online voting.(picture above)wow! I'm getting really excited for this competition.

Let's keep our fingers crossed for this!

Aside from beauty & brain..I also admire her character.

People I personally know who had personal contact with Ms. Raj all have praises for her.

MY SISTER: she was attending this school/campus writers in Bicol University & Ms. Raj I think was one of the coordinators of the event. One of my sister's companion got sick during the 3-day event & Ms. Raj came to help. SHe was th eone who personally brought the medicine & took good care of that ill fellow. that time Ms. Raj was still title holder for a region wide pageant. I'm not sure about what the pageant was but I'm sure that it was the time when she hasn't entered the national scene yet.

MY CLASSMATE: Rodel is now working part-time for BPCI or Bb. Pilipinas Charities Inc. the company responsible for these beauty queens including Ms. Raj. This classmate of mine is one of those who packed the baggages, took videos & pictures of Ms. Raj during her events. (interviews, guestings & etc.) and even before she left for Las Vegas. He said that this lady is jus very humble & kind unlike any other title holders out there.

Anyway, now I'm really hoping that the prediction wcomes true although I don't reall believe in those. Let's just all pray, wait & see!


  1. i also hope she'd win... she's really beautiful and throughout the interviews of her i saw, sobrang humble and intelligent nya..

    Go Venus!

  2. tama te Jehan!!

    she really is CONFIDENT> SHE joined to win!


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