Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Birthday Treat

My boss treated us August birthday celebrators to a Korean Restaurant just around Ortigas.

All I understood from place's sign was 24 hours open!

So I call that resto as 24 hours resto.

haha it was all in kOrEaN!

anyway, the food was ..... urgh!!

Can't describe. heheh but I liked most of them.

we ate:(not so sure of the spelling)

1. topoki

2. chapche

3. samgyeopsal (my most favorite korean food)

5. kimbap


I may sound a bit ignorant but the 'water' seemed a bit contaminated of some kind of tea.

Well Mr. Lee said it was a water where they broiled a corn?

I'm not so sure.It looked dirty though..I wasn't sure if it was safe.


I have a those who are familiar with topoki out there!

Does it have some alcoholic ingredient??

Ah I got a little tipsy (I think) after eating it. When I got back to work after the treat..I was like really drunk.

you know.I have very low toleration for alcohol.

In my whole life .I think I've drunk just 3/4 of red horse bottle!

And in some inuman sessions with friends.. I am always the 'kitchen person'..hehe trying to avoid the 'tagay'.

and another thing...I onced tried tequila.With just one shot I felt dizze & dozed off.(no kidding)

ah anyway...

even before my birthday I've been receiving so much blessings that wishing for gifts is already an icing on the cake.

Thanks to all the people who have been a prt of my life.

..and that f course includes you my dear kaBLOG!

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  1. hi Jill! happy birthday ulit..

    i just don't know with the tteokbokki if they put rice/cooking wine for the spicy sauce. but the "etc" you mentioned above which i believe are the other side dishes could also have rice/cooking wine in their sauces (like what i sometimes do, lalo with the spicy noodle sauces). i'm actually not sure with the "samjang"--orangy sauce you put in the samgyeopsal if it has wine again...

    the water is either buricha (some kind of grain tea) or corn ear tea (alex' favorite). but if it didn't taste fresh like corn, then it could be buricha (cha is for tea)..


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