Thursday, September 2, 2010

..and Here comes The Late Comer!!

..since my freshmen year..I've always been a late comer in the class. My classmates would even be more surprised if I happen to be in class ahead of time. They'd say "wow ang aga naman" which I'm not sure if that was a compliment or not! Anyway, I think I'm already used to it! hehehe.

although I've always been late...but honestly(I think my classmates would be shocked to hear this) .......I dread the moment I hesitate entering the classroom for fear of the professor. It's always been the case. But what can I do?

I'd rather come to class late than be there early & sleep along the heated discussion.
oh the lazy me...strikes. Anyway I've thought of posting this because this is just what happened a moment ago. I'm now in a PC shop while the class is having a discussion. I wasn't able to gather the courage to enter my Economics class 1 hour 15 mins late. I think it's too much!

uhh!! I went home at 2 am, slept at 2:30 & have to go to class at 7:00?

ding ang bato pls!! I badly need it this time.

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