Thursday, September 2, 2010


I am just so excited about my OJT. I will get to experience variety of areas in HR. I will have it at JOBSREET SELECT.

THE WOMAN IN WHITE IS my boss there. She is really simple but you can feel that she's oozing with confidence,professionalism & elegance. I'm so excited to work with her.

I am so glad I happened to chance upon their ad. They are so considerate with my schedule! The even allowed me to just render 10 hours a week. but I'm planning to extend that after I settle my schedule with some of my professors.

I will start this coming Tuesday!


  1. wow! good luck on your OJT Jill... I had a very memorable and adventurous OJT. i worked with the best engineers of our province. plus, my OJT report, which i carefully planned and wrote was also made as the reference format for all other OJT reports in our batch, kkkk....

  2. wow impressive Ms Jehan!!! thanks po for teh encouragement!!


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