Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Lesson from "Abubots" Box

As a child I've always been 'burara' with all my belongings. Not a single pair of earing would last for more than a week.
But as I grow older...
being able to buy the things I want is satisfying.
Being able to keep & safeguard & put them to a good use in the future is even more fulfilling.
like this one which I keep nowadays to gather all my 'abubots'.
Although this may seem petty to some..
but for me, it's such a great accomplishment!

with such great effort & self-discipline...
..with little things like this I make my own 'ME'.


  1. just the thing i need.. organizer or "abubots" box.. haha.. husband has been complaining about my stuffs i carelessly just place here and there.. di naman daw ako ganito nong nakilala nya ko and when we were living with MIL.. sabi ko, buntis lang ako, hahahaha....

    btw, i just mailed your envelope this afternoon, a major long overdue one. i hope it would reach you in 14 days, the mailman said.. and of course, di man lang nabuksan or di sana mawala..

  2. way to go Jill, and I bet, with all your hardwork... you will have more "Abubots" box to come..At dahil less na ang chance na mawala ang mga "abubots" mo, baka mapa-mana mo pa sila sa future daughter mo..;)

  3. I think I should also get one of these. I always stuff my earrings and other bling-blings in a very tiny box that used to be a container for my watch, LOL. Where can I purchase this? Do you think they also have big ones for storing knitting and crochet stuff? :)

  4. hmm..there are a lot in Sm or sometimes I in National Bookstore!


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