Monday, September 20, 2010

No Play for These Kids

Kids bein' tortured....



These are the kids in China having their 'early' training as a gymnast.

hmm..hey look so cute..but why are they bein deprived of the right to play?

instead they spend most of their lives for this??

I really feel bad about them. POor kids over there.

I can't help but really feel so saaaaaaaaaad =(

Practice Makes Perfect - Young gymnasts stretch at the gymnastics hall of sports school in Jiaxing

Source: Time Magazine Online


  1. I believe that play is an important part in every child's life.. And all I could think of with this scene is "selfishness"! As in selfishness on the part of the parents of these kids!.. My gosh! They're just little kids! And they're raising them for their own dream/aspirations?! tsk,tsk, sad talaga.. :(

  2. me too..para nga pong gusto kong maiyak!!


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