Tuesday, January 26, 2010

ANy help?? Suggestions?? Pls?

I am planning to teach online from home. I will soon purchase a PC & look for Korean students. I hope I can make this happen. Wish me luck!!

But I'm having a hard time where to begin marketing. You know ask for students. Any suggestions?? help??

I've heard from few of my colleagues who used to teach one-on-one or man-ro-man that their students who flew back to KOrea asked their teaching services. So they conducted online classes from home!

Can anyone please recommend me to koreans you know??

Monday, January 25, 2010

DReam b0y???

I hate what I'm feelin' right now..... I am looking for someone I haven't seen for 5 years. He was my classmate in 6th grade in elementary....well I don't know if I'm in love with him or not... i just feel like I need to know something about him.... just see him or his pic....

Well I've been trying to search his name on the web...but it was futile. He seems to be not so fond of these social networking sites.... ah !! grrhh..

Just last night I've dreamt of him again. I really dunno why this is happening to me. Am I being 'cursed' or what?? kinukulam na ata ako.

In the dream...I was looking for him & found him in the same elementary school we attended. He has a beard, 3 kids & a wife. He looked not so happy. Well I was looking for him because I want to tell him that I like/(d) him too. Just that. I just wanna let him know. Knowing that he already has a family I tried not to interfere in their relationship. I just simply told him & that gave me a peace of mind.

Way back our last year in elementary...he showed that he liked me...he tried to win my attention by doing silly things...like bullying me...getting my bag...making fun of me in so many different ways. We then ate lunch together regularly with a friend & my 2 other siblings. I wasn't aware then. I just realized it in highschool when a mutual friend mentioned that he had been asking about me. Sobrang panghihinayang ko!!. bakit di ko yun narealized dati?? bakit kung kelan late na??? Sana magkaroon kami ng reunion....I really wish makita ko na siya. Okay lag kung settled na siya. Basta makita ko lang siya at masabi ko yun. Ayoko lang na may pagsisihan in the future.

He's a native of San Juan Bacon Sorsogon. His name is Christian. I still vividly remember his favorite & overused expression: "It's amazing"!! hahhahaha..

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ukay Finds

ukay-ukay, vintage store

Photo credit: pusakay.blogspot.com

I had a great time yesterday as we went 'ukay' hunting in a local neigborhood ukay store in Kiko Camarin Caloocan City. I spent more than 400 pesos for 9 pieces of great ukay finds ranging from jackets, blazers, dress, shorts & tops!!

I bought the following:

1. I black & nice jacket (suited for office attire) - 60.00 pesos

2. 1 blazer perfect for office attire (gray) - 80.00

3. 1 dirty white beaded bolero - 20.00

4. 1 simple sleek casual dress - 20.00

5. 1 short shorts (black/blue) - 60.00

6. 1 checkerd black & yellow top - 40.00

7. 1knitted scarf (black & gray) - 25.00

8. 1 black tokong w/ big buttons - 40.00

9. 1 black top - 80.00
I felt really good & happy with my rare purchase but I'm feeling guilty coz my moonthly budget is again ruined. Ah I just can't resist the ukay temptation.

I don't have actual pictures of them for now. I'll try to provide when I already have my new camera. I'm still saving some money for it.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Daydreaming --- Intelligence

Just recently I've been making it a habit to read articles in Psychology Today to update myself of the current finidings in the field. As you know I am a BS Psychology major. I don't do it just for the reason that I should but also because I want -- really.

I found an article saying that those who daydream a lot are found to be of superior intelligence. hahahah And at last although I'm not yet really covinced, there is a chance that I can be one of them.

I so love to daydream. I think it's one of my vice that keeps me sane from this chaotic world.

My nonscientific translation of this: while daydreaming, your thoughts are
gliding and ricocheting all over the place--past, present, future--accessing all
your stored knowledge, memories, experiences, etc. What the study seems to be
saying is that these connections--the ricocheting thoughts if you will--appear
to be stronger in smarter people. Maybe that's why they can get more out of
their daydreaming states of mind. They can dig deeper. This seems to fit nicely
with other studies that say that people who can go deeper into daydreaming
states are more likely to come away with worthwhile insights.

Many brilliant individuals--from Einstein to Mozart--credit their imagination as
the source of their creativity and genius. Einstein often compared his creative
process to that of poets and musicians, describing his insights as "a sudden
rapture." He famously said: "When I examine myself and my methods of thought, I
come close to the conclusion that the gift of fantasy has meant more to me than
my talent for absorbing positive knowledge."

I think that might be the reason why although I don't study that much I could find myself familiarized with a lot of topics. I try to use them in my imagination unconsciously.

South Koreans told to go home and make babies --- Philippines on the other hand...

baby koreans, korea low birth rate, South Koreans told to go home and make babies, http://jill-des.blogspot.com/

baby koreans, korea low birth rate, South Koreans told to go home and make babies, http://jill-des.blogspot.com/

According to a BBC News I've read, Koreans are now 'encouraged' to go home early & make more babies. This is being imposed by the Ministry of Health to counter the threatening low birth rate in the country by turning off the lights at 7 so that their employees will be forced to go home.

baby koreans, korea low birth rate, South Koreans told to go home and make babies, http://jill-des.blogspot.com/

They want to encourage staff to go home to their families and, well, make bigger
ones. They plan to repeat the experiment every month.

baby koreans, korea low birth rate, South Koreans told to go home and make babies, http://jill-des.blogspot.com/

This sounds a bit funny for some but it's a manifestation of how desperate the ministry is in doing their job to stimulate the birth rate. They also offer gift vouchers to officials who have more than one child & organize gatherings for a prospective matchmaking. They believe that the employees within the ministry shoul lead as a good example.

Looking at those baby pictures makes me wonder why most of them don't want to have little angels by their sides until I've read the core reason of the main problem. Koreans are blaming the burdensome education & child care cost.

I think the gov't should address those first before anything else.


(ang cute n pic na to! look at the center child's expression)

Which one speaks more of a parental love?

(batang lansangan)

Here in the Philippines some parents are not bothered about the childcare & education cost. It's not because we are a prosperous country but because some parents just don't seem to care. As long as they gratify their sexual needs. I don't loathe Filipino parents. I am just speaking in behalf of those young victims of unwanted pregnancies, broken families, street children & so on.

(wag nyo kong istorbohin.nananaginip ako)

Koreans would rather not have babies than see them suffer.

KOrea is encouraging their people to reproduce while our country does family planning.

It's funny how the world seems to lose the balance. Almost everything is in it's extreme.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Voodoo Doll attack!

voodo doll, http://jill-des.blogspot.com/2010/01/voodoo-doll-attack.html, hobbies, addiction

voodo doll, http://jill-des.blogspot.com/2010/01/voodoo-doll-attack.html, hobbies, addiction

voodo doll, http://jill-des.blogspot.com/2010/01/voodoo-doll-attack.html, hobbies, addiction

my latest addiction is the voodoo doll. My officemate just bought 3 pieces from her friend for 80.00 pesos each. Upon laying my eyes on them I was liked so enthused. I so like the style, color & everything about it! I wish to post a pic but unfortunately I lost my camera. So I got pics here from the net.

Now I plan to try it this coming weekend. I have to look for the materials first. I think I can get the rest from my spare things but I don't have the cottony fiber to be put inside it.... for so much wanting to try this..I've decided to butcher my small heart-shaped pillow. (yeah I sound desperate) but anyway I think the result will be more gratifying.

Friday, January 15, 2010


Friday..friday...friday....that's what my colleagues have been waiting for all week... they are so excited! they can have time to party & have a social life.

ME? I'm restricted to it. who says so? It's me of course. you know I have to do 'what I have to' than 'what I want to' - it's been a sad picture but I found a way on how to creatively deal with it.

Although weekends are supposed to be spent for fun & relaxation -- I have to spend it the other way. To learn! I just little by little incorporate the 'social life' necessity in the clasroom. what choice do I have?

Ah...my korean manager is already closing the lights.. i gotta go! I still have a 7 am class tomorrow & that will be until 7 pm! wish me luck!

although things don't go the 'typical' way...I am still happy! really..

.how to ace your college classes.

As a working student I find it really hard to focus on my some of my subjects.especially when it is a bit unrelated to the course. I find myself memorizing futilely. time, energy & efforts wasted. So I've been really trying my best to focus although my eyes are already heavily lidded... from insufficient sleep. (just like what happened a while ago) you know I really wanna learn..but my body limits me. that's really sad right? I have the determination, drive & good intentions but I have to compromise them to provide for my own keep...ANyway --- why am I getting so sentimental again about this thing. This desrves it's own post.

what I want to really emphasize is the helpful tips I read from Psychology Today website about effective learning. Here they are:

Here are a few ways you can use this concept in the classroom:

By: Joseph Cardillo - ( the author of Can I Have Your Attention? How to Think Fast, Find Your Focus, and Sharpen Your Concentration )

1. Listen actively; making connections to other contexts and
within that day’s material—i.e. perhaps a story by John Steinbeck contains
themes that can be applied to something you are learning about Carl Jung or
Joseph Campbell. Or something you are learning in physics or biology could be
applied, for example, to Virginia Woolf or a philosophy class. If your professor
mentions a text that is related to the topic, seek it out; witness the
connections, and draw your own. You may even bring these observations up in a
future class or individually with your teacher.

2. Restrict your
mind from wondering
. Keep participating no matter what. Just like when
your coach is telling you, “Don’t stop now—pour it on. “ Create words or phrases
you can think to yourself during such moments like: stay with it; strong; focus;
create a mental image of a goal you have in mind that is connected to that
course’s context and use it during such moments to guide you back on task.
Practice using these techniques regularly and they will become automatic. Do,
however, give yourself a breath every now and then and lighten your focus.

3. Identify your professor’s goal—if he or she doesn’t
state it outright. Ask yourself: What is the professor’s role in meeting this
goal? What role does my teacher expect me to take on? Make sure you meet this

4. Think of ways to relate the class’s contexts
as closely as possible to your personal experiences, especially important ones.
Outside of class, think about how the material can be used to help deepen your
understanding of other personal life situations, problem-solve, and enhance your
own life.

5. Daydream, incorporating what you are
learning so that it scaffolds into your future.

It’s up to you to make
the strongest connections here possible. You will notice that when you make
strong matches between class materials and daily life not only will your
academic interests perk, time will move much faster, and studies, in general,
will become a lot more enjoyable. Your mind will become more creative, and thus
more energized, interesting, and complex. And just like runners high, these
characteristics feel good both mentally and physically. As such, you feel
rewarded. And this pattern of activity will begin to feed upon itself. Grades
will come easier. You will feel more secure, confident, and happy. The best news
is that you will start transferring this mindset over to other areas of your
life, deepening the connections there as well.

I found these really applicable in my studies so want to share this to the world!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

2010 Presidentiables/VicePresidentiables' Appeal to People through their Ads

What would our country be in a few years?? Will it ever bounce back from the mud or will it sink deeper into it?

As the 2010 national election draws closer I am becoming more & more critical of the candidates, especially the presidentiables...I hope & wish other young people my age share the same anxiety about it. I hope majority of them would care enough to investigate.analyze & be more cautious. not just anticipate for the money that will come flooding.

Until now I haven't decided yet who to choose....I am still in the process of getting to know them and their potentials to carry out their promises.

Although their advertisements say little about who they really are I still would like to share these. It may be a measure of somethin'. Let's just try to read between the lyrics.

Above: Manny Villar's famous jingle. I get to hear this very often from the MRT, radio, TV, kids and even from my own lips. (heheh...last song syndrome?)

Above: Noynoy Aquino's -- sounds really just like talking. Akala ko si Boy Abunda saying his known line 'Kaibigan tara usap tayo'

Above: Gibo Teodoro's -- looks really simple. The poor people being used in ads really touches our emotions & appeals to the 'masa' but it's just until there. Afterwards they are being neglected.

Above: Dick Gordon - (for Pres.) - The transformers

Above: Eddie Villanueva - (for Pres) -- The religious leader

Above: Loren Legarda - (for VP)-- as a woman the ad realy appeals to mothers & women.the song so mellow & peaceful. how I wish to live in a wolrd like that.

Above: Mar Roxas (for VP) -- hmmm...the sacrificial lamb?

Above: Jejomar Binay -(for VP) the Makati City Mayor - I'm thinkin' of considering him. but him being paired with former Pres. Joseph estrada is a wrong move I think. It's like he's been tainted as well by the latter's image.

.....I've been trying to look for ex-pres. Joseph Estrada's campaign ad but it's nowhere on the web. maybe I'll just update this later.

Civil Service Exam 2010

civil service exam, tests, Philippines, students,Civil Service Exam 2010 Philippines

The schedule for the 2010 CSE hasn't been formally decided yet but I am certain that the first test will be given at around March. I am really anticipating for this coz I'm planning to take the said test & pass it.

I wish I'll pass it on my first take. I don't wanna retake. Oh God Help Me Please!

The guidelines, requirements & some other information necessary about it is listed below from http://www.csc.gov.ph/cscweb/cscweb.html.
Forms are available on their website so you can just download it from there.
Here's a copy I have obtained: (You can download it from HERE - just click the DOWNLOAD on the screen then save to your hadr drive)

• Career Service
Professional and Sub-professional examinations are open to applicants regardless
of educational attainment.
• Applicants for both levels must:
– Be
Filipino citizens, at least 18 years old, and of good moral character;

Have no criminal record or have not been convicted by final judgment of an
offense or crime involving moral turpitude;

– Have not been dishonorably
discharged from military service or dismissed for cause from any civilian
position in the government; and

– Have not taken the same level of
career service examination within three (3) months from last examination taken,
or for those who have repeatedly failed, have not failed the same level of
examination for four times since October 2002.

The Career Service Examination (Professional and Sub-Professional
levels) may be taken through either of the following modes:

1. Paper and
Pencil Test (PPT)
The CSE-PPT is conducted nationwide thrice a year. Filing
of applications for the CSE-PPT is through the CSC Regional or Field Offices.
Applicants are advised to refer to the Examination Announcement, which the
CSC officially issues for each schedule of the CSE-PPT.
2. Computer Assisted
Test (CAT)
The CSE-CAT is conducted in Civil Service Commission Central
Office (CSCCO), IBP Road, Batasan Hills, Quezon City, and in selected CSC
Regional Offices (CSCRO) such as CSC-CAR, Baguio City. For the schedule of
conduct of CSE-CAT, applicants are advised to coordinate/get in touch with the
CSCCO, or the concerned CSCRO. Please visit the CSC website www.csc.gov.ph for
the directory of CSC Central and Regional Offices.
1. Properly accomplished application form (CS Form No. 100,
Revised 2008);
2. Four (4) copies of identical I.D. pictures with
specifications, as follows:
a. 1.5" x 2" (Passport size)
b. Colored or
c. Printed on quality photo paper
d. Must show the
subject applicant in standard close-up shot (from shoulder level up)
e. With
full name tag
– The name tag must show the applicant's First Name, Middle
Initial, Last Name, and Extension Name (if any).

– The name tag should
not be computer-generated, meaning, the applicant should have his/her picture
taken while holding his/her name tag.

f. Taken within the last three
months prior to filing of application

Note: The following pictures are
NOT accepted:

– Scanned, computer-enhanced, photocopied, and cut-out

– Pictures showing subject applicant not in close-up shot
(lower than shoulder level);

– Pictures with incomplete and/or
computer-generated name tag; and

– Pictures without name tag.

Original and photocopy of any valid I.D. card with name, picture and signature
of the applicant, and name and signature of the issuing officer (i.e. Driver's
License, BIR ID, GSIS/SSS ID, Postal ID, Voter's ID, current Office/School ID,
or valid Passport); and
4. Examination fee of P350 for the Paper and Pencil
Test (PPT), or P400 for Computer Assisted Test (CAT).
• Application forms may be secured from any CSC
Regional or Field Office, or downloaded from the CSC website www.csc.gov.ph.
• For the CSE-PPT, applications must be filed at any CSC Regional or Field
Office. The CSC Central Office in Batasan Hills, Quezon City, does not accept
and process applications for CSE-PPT.
Deadline for filing of applications is
usually one month before the scheduled date of examination.
• For the
CSE-CAT, applications must be filed at the CSC Central Office, or at the
concerned CSC Regional Office.
• As a general rule, acceptance of
examination applications for both CSE-PPT and CSE-CAT is on a first-come,
first-served basis. Failure to come on the scheduled examination date would mean
forfeiture of examination slot and fee. No request for re-scheduling is allowed.
(Based on CSC
Resolution No. 021279 dated Oct. 7, 2002)
• Taking the Career Service
Professional and Sub-professional examinations via paper and pencil test (PPT)
or computer assisted test (CAT) shall be once in three months and up to four
times only.
• An examinee failing on the 4th attempt can apply for the same
level of the career service examination only after two years from the date of
the 4th examination taken.

In English and Filipino: vocabulary, grammar and correct usage,
paragraph organization, reading comprehension, analogy, logic, and numerical
Subprofessional Level
In English and Filipino: vocabulary,
grammar and correct usage, paragraph organization, reading comprehension,
clerical operations, and numerical reasoning.
Both levels of the examination
will have general information questions on Philippine Constitution; Code of
Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees (R. A. 6713);
peace and human rights issues and concepts; and environment management and
G. PASSING RATE: Eighty (80)

Results of the CSE-PPT are usually released from three to
four months after the examination. The names of passed examinees shall be posted
at the CSC website www.csc.gov.ph.
Those who passed the examination must
personally claim their Certificates of Eligibility at the CSC Regional
Office/Field Office upon presentation of required documents. On the other hand,
those who failed the examination may secure a copy of their Report of Rating
through the CSC website. No Report of Rating shall be mailed to those who
failed. To secure a copy of the Report of Rating, an examinee must key in
his/her name, date of birth, examinee number, examination date, and examination
type. Thus, examinees are advised to safe keep or remember their examinee number
until receipt of the examination result.
Results of the
CSE-CAT are usually released within two to three hours after the examination.
Examinees are strongly advised to wait for the examination results. Those who
passed shall receive their Certificate of Eligibility, while those who failed
shall receive their Report of Rating. Should an examinee fail to claim/receive
his/her examination result on the examination day, he/she has to personally
return at a later date to claim either his/her Certificate of Eligibility or
Report of Rating.
The names of passed CSE-CAT examinees shall be posted at
the CSC website.
Meanwhile, a copy of the Report of Rating of failed
examinees may also be secured through the CSC website. To secure a copy of the
Report of Rating, an examinee must key in his/her name, date of birth, examinee
number, examination date, and examination type.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dear Universe I'm an NBSB at 21 -- Don't be shocked please..

Dear Universe,

I can't find any place or person where I can share fully what has been bothering me all my young adult life.

Here's a confession: I am 21 and an NBSB (no boyfriend since birth). Well don't be shocked. The least you can do is respond normally to that. Everybody made the same response when I tell them that. I'm not ugly, I'm not a lesbian, I have a several suitors but none of them appeal to me. Maybe because I'm 'pihikan' as how they call it. I am normal I guess until people keep giving the same shocked & seemingly disappointed gesture. I've liked few guys back in high school & college but really I can't fall in love. Or do I really know what love exactly is???? I've never been inlove all my life. I've been wonderin' why.

Well as a psychology major, I've been finding answers why. maybe this a some kind of disorder or maladjustment. I've found out so many reasons or rather excuses for this. And enumerating them would only fill this page up. They are just too many to mention.

What should I do??

Desperately yours,


Sunday, January 10, 2010

A beautiful promise of dysmenorrhea!

Mondays used to cheer me up when I was in high school. I got so giddy knowing that I could again meet my crush & have my 'baon'..but as we grow old things change. some for the better.some for worse.

Today is Monday..but it has a sad connotation now. This is the day employees loathe. for it is the day farthest from the weekend. the day -off! But anyway I was full of excitement for this day coz I'll get to meet my students. my friends as I call them. but the excitement vanished as I experienced a pain on my lower abdomen upon waking up. My dreaded day came. The first day of my menstruation - the day when I have my dysmenorrhea.

dysmenorrhea - how I cursed it! no one knows. How I
felt like just taking away my life when i have this. how all the hopes & dreams that fill me & keep me alive got all sucked up by this 'simple' disease. it was hell!!

I curled up, down, turned aside, backwards, forward. different positions I tried to temporarily ease the pain until the dolfenal (mefenamic acid) takes effect. the 1 1/2 hours I've endured is unimaginable. I felt hopeless & limited. I cried like a child left buy her mom. I looked funny, stupid & pathetic. My sister didn't know what to do. She just kept fannning me which just made me more feeling like puking. When the bout begins, I immediately pray I'd fall asleep. Coz as I wake up all the pain will surely be gone. All I have to wait is just that moment- sleep. but a while ago it seemed like decades. I can't remember how long exactly. I magined everything sweet & nice. I tried to condition my mind to think of good things... I daydreamed. it helped. then the daydream became a dream. I was sleeping. That sleep or shall I call it a nap was a bliss. It was my refuge.

.when I woke up! everything seemed alive! the sun is brighter. the air was fresher & life was more promising. It was another life!!

Some people have their second lives..but I have so many....this life I'm living now is my 96th . I had my very first menstruation at the age of 14 & I'm now 21. So 8 years. Each year with 12 months. Each month is with new & redeemed life.

So although this disease is a curse to me I still consider it a blessing...only in grotesque disguise. It is my monthly reminder that life is indeed beautiful.

So this 96th life of mine will not go to waste. I will not allow it! I have to be happy & justify that I'm worthy of this.

Happy Monday everybody!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

.yes!! I have my first follower!!^^

Yes, that's right! I have now a follower & I'm extremely happy! the follower is mybittersweetkoreanlife!

Link to this blog!

At least now all my thoughts that come to life/net through this blog is is not only for my eyes but also for others. I'm happy. really. so thanks you very much to whoever that person is behind the blog's name.

My Hometown

Map of Sorsogon

.Sorsogon City - that has been the place I consider my hometown, my origin.although I am really born in the city of Caloocan. Every news about my beloved city never pass my eyes & keen ears without being scrutinized & acknowledged well. That's how desparately I've been hoping for some news back home. But recently, as various strong typhoons namely "Ondoy" or "Ketsana" havocked, I felt like I'd rather stop the yearning. It's been always a bad news.

The Second Floor of the Sorsogon Shopping Center Located
at Magsaysay Avenue Serves as the Municipal and Later
the City Hall of Sorsogon untill September 2006

The Old Municipal Building of Sorsogon Built in 1928,
Still Exists Today and Used as the Office of the
Bureau of Fire Protection

The City Mayor Leovic Dioneda

According to a gma TV, the city is located along the Typhoon Belt. Meaning it is frequently strucked by different typhoons which 'visits' the country every year. As a result the agriculture sector has been a failure to bring income (which used to do) to the city. People there are getting poorer & poorer. And I'm wonderin' how it can still recover. But fortunately, God has created men to have defense mechanisms. Sorsoguenos are now being adjusting & adapting to this. They've been making sure to be ready when the 'enemy' strikes. Moreover, they remain to be a happy group of people still seeing the silver lining amidst the situation & with the help of ther natives now thriving in different parts of the country & even the world. They continue to give hope & support.

The famous whaleshark or 'butanding'.

Logo for the city festival.

Below is a video taken in Donsol, Sorsogon. The town deprived of industrial establishments but bestowed rich natural sea inhabitants called 'butanding' or whaleshark.

Photo Credit: Sorsogon Website

Video Credit: piafaustino on youtube

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Phil. Daily Inquirer's Youngblood

Life can be so unfair at times. There are life lessons we ought to learn from experience. But isn't it better to 'know' them ahead of time & learn instead of reaally experience them? by that I think we can save time & we gain wisdom about the world without the incovenience of consequences it might have brought.

I'm talking about learning life lessons from other's experiences. This we can attain from our friends & from a good book which is the PDI's 3 Youngblood books. It taught me personally about some life lessons & spared me the damage it might have brought.
Phil Daily Inquirer's Youngblood,books, pictures,
The Best of Youngblood (Book 1)
Available: National Book Store for 195.00

Youngblood 2.0 (Book 2)
Available: National Bookstore 175.00

Available: National Bookstore 195.00

Youngbllod 3.0 (Book 3)

These books are compilations of the editorial essays written by the young of the 90's generation. It depicts how the youth of that generation lived their lives & tried to fit in the adults' world. Although it was writen more than 10 years ago we the present generation can still relate to it like the cases of unwanted pregnancies, abortion, & climbing up the corporate ladder for career men & women. (to contradict the previous statement) There are times also that I couldn't really relate to some of the articles because the writer's english proficiency & vocabulary are beyond my reach. they are just too good to to be read by mediocre reader like me.
I also noticed another one: most of the writers are hailed from really good universities like UST, La Salle, UP, San Beda. So the book is an embodiment of the higher class' sentiments. Not the lower classes like me. The medium of writing which is English hinders the rest of the youth of today to relate since they don't bother to read anuthing written in English. It's hard to encourage my classmates & friends to read it. It hardly interests them.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

..Manila - the City of Urinals??

This is realy funny so I found the need to repost it. I found this from the opinion column of Manila Bulletin online.
City of Urinals
January 6, 2010, 5:52pm
PARIS, “city of lights;” Singapore, “the garden city” – so why
not Metro Manila, “city of urinals”?

They can be pink for the boys and
green for the girls, but under an obviously gender-sensitive chairman, the Metro
Manila Development Authority could soon carry the pee-in-the-city campaign to
new heights by introducing yellow urinals for the third sex and rainbow-hued
ones for children. And how about purple urinals for the disabled, red ones for
tourists, and black ones for politicians?

Urinals for women! This is
absurd! Is the new MMDA chairman, a retired judge, trying to be cute? Is this a
side-effect of his recent participation in the Metro Manila Film Festival, where
he rubbed elbows with showbiz celebs? Or is it due to the lingering influence of
Bayani Fernando? Oh, yes, someone in MMDA did say that “women have been
insisting that they want their own urinals.”

How many women? What types
of women? Women who sell cement, pipes, paint, tiles, washbowls, toilet bowls?
Women who walk the streets for a living? And would Chairman Inocentes, who looks
like a very conservative, well-mannered gentleman of the old school, allow his
wife, daughters, and granddaughters to pee into a bowl planted tentatively into
the pavement of a busy street?

If MMDA doesn’t know what to do with its
5 percent take from its 17 cities, the chairman could start with 1) painting the
overpasses and underpasses; 2) modernizing the flood control system and building
a network of sewers; 3) planting more trees and cadena de amor (but for sure, a
new chairman would want a new vine, one he can call his own?); 4) installing
directional signs; 5) moving bus terminals out of EDSA; 6) finding a smart
lawyer who will argue that billboards that deface the city cannot be protected
by private-property laws but must answer to a higher law, the law of order,
beauty and the common good.

Metro Manila, ugly enough as it is, has no
room for sidewalk urinals for women. If MMDA cannot understand that, you can
piss off!

.pink & apple green. - soon to pervade Manila

Manila, MMDA, Bayani Fernando, Oscar Inocentes, Pink & apple green streets, Manila 2010
former MMDA chair Bayani Fernando now running for vice presidency

Manila, MMDA, Bayani Fernando, Oscar Inocentes, Pink & apple green streets, Manila 2010

According to the news I've read from Manila Bulletin Online, the new MMDA Chairman Sec. Oscar Inocentes will alter the famous MMDA trademark color. The pink street urinals, steel fences & highway waiting sheds will remain but the new projects will be altered to apple green due to the Chair's liking.

Manila, MMDA, Bayani Fernando, Oscar Inocentes, Pink & apple green streets, Manila 2010
New Chair Sec. Oscar Inocentes

So sooner or later we'll be seeing the combined colors permeate the streets..& main highways.
What an annoying scene it will be.Why change the trademark color of the agency? Is it for pride it brings to the former executor?? Tao nga naman oo.. so I think the new chairman will be making his own trademark color. Then after his tenure I wonder what will be the next...

Let's say after few years of different chairmen taking office in the agency, then Manila is doomed for having colorful signs & street parafernalias.
Below is the original articel from the MB site.

New color disappoints Fernando
January 6, 2010, 7:50pm
Former Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA)
Chairman Bayani Fernando and road users have expressed disappointment over the
plan of the new agency chair, with only less than five months in office, to
change his signature color from pink to apple green.

nang-hihinayang dahil sa ang kulay pink ay nagkaroon na ng kahulugan sa atin.
Nagkaroon na ng karakter ang Metro Manila at nakilala tayo dahil sa buong mundo
tayo lang ang may kulay na ganito,” Fernando said.

MMDA Chairman Oscar
Inocentes said that the color of the agency’s new projects will be apple green
and would not carry color pink, a color identified with Fernando.

Inocentes clarified that existing pink-colored road structures will
remain unless they will be changed or the color tarnished due to high cost.

“Yung mga bagong projects lang, ito lang ang papalitan, yung mga
existing, hindi natin babaguhin ang kulay kasi very high cost kung gagawin yon,”
he explained.

Inocentes said that that color green support’s national
government’s campaign against anti-pollution and climate change, as part of the
“Metro Green” project.

During the seven-year stint of Fernando, he
painted the signs, steel fences, urinals on thoroughfares with pink under the
Metro Gwapo project.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

.new year, new perspectives!!!

I just changed my layout here in blogger. I also change the header picture. New Year of course new changes. I put a sunrise picture over there which signifies a new beginning this year. I hope that if there weill be changes they are for the better.
One main goal for me this year is to really take my family out of that rotten neighborhood we have back in my homewtown. Everything's goin worse over there.I want to give them a greener & cleaner pasture so Help Me God! But I have few doubts & hesitations. How can I do it myself? My siblings are doing no good. They are still those immature beings uprooted from our town. As much as I would like to help them, I couldnt. I do my part but they don't want to help themselves. They are too lazy to keep up with me. I have a very peculiar personality. i gotta write more about ths later..Im having class right now! hheehhe

KOrean Dream

I really want to go to Korea. It has been my dream since I started teaching KOreans. So far I've been constantly exposed to their culture, traditions & heritage through the net & my online conversations with my students. I want to experience it not just hear, read & see about it oin different mediums.
Ahh..when can I realize this dream?? I hope it's SOON.
Just a while ago I've been reading some blogs about Filipinos living in Korea. Well it all seems really ideal. They have fine jobs. Some are studying while others are facing disrimination & racial prejudice. I know it won't be easy & it doesn't look all so glossy always but I think I am willing to take risks! May God help me with this!