Tuesday, January 5, 2010

KOrean Dream

I really want to go to Korea. It has been my dream since I started teaching KOreans. So far I've been constantly exposed to their culture, traditions & heritage through the net & my online conversations with my students. I want to experience it not just hear, read & see about it oin different mediums.
Ahh..when can I realize this dream?? I hope it's SOON.
Just a while ago I've been reading some blogs about Filipinos living in Korea. Well it all seems really ideal. They have fine jobs. Some are studying while others are facing disrimination & racial prejudice. I know it won't be easy & it doesn't look all so glossy always but I think I am willing to take risks! May God help me with this!


  1. Hi,

    I just 'followed' your blog.

    I wanna ask cause I'm dead curious... why the strong urge to visit Korea, and why not China, Japan, or any other country? Like I said just curious... CHEERS!

  2. oh thanks for following!! hahah you are the frst one. I really appreciate that much.

    by the way I like to visit KOrea coz of the exposure to KOrea I get from my students. I'm a phone english teacher to koreans. And here in the philippines Koreanovelas are very famous so I want to be in places where they took those really great dramas. Another one is that I want to know their language. It seems really hard but I like the challenge.

    Lastly, if why not Japan, china etc...why not Korea???

  3. in a way i wanted to visit Korea before too because of the wonderful shoot locations i saw in their dramas. but i never imagined living here like i do now. there are pros and cons wherever you go...


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