Thursday, January 7, 2010

Phil. Daily Inquirer's Youngblood

Life can be so unfair at times. There are life lessons we ought to learn from experience. But isn't it better to 'know' them ahead of time & learn instead of reaally experience them? by that I think we can save time & we gain wisdom about the world without the incovenience of consequences it might have brought.

I'm talking about learning life lessons from other's experiences. This we can attain from our friends & from a good book which is the PDI's 3 Youngblood books. It taught me personally about some life lessons & spared me the damage it might have brought.
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The Best of Youngblood (Book 1)
Available: National Book Store for 195.00

Youngblood 2.0 (Book 2)
Available: National Bookstore 175.00

Available: National Bookstore 195.00

Youngbllod 3.0 (Book 3)

These books are compilations of the editorial essays written by the young of the 90's generation. It depicts how the youth of that generation lived their lives & tried to fit in the adults' world. Although it was writen more than 10 years ago we the present generation can still relate to it like the cases of unwanted pregnancies, abortion, & climbing up the corporate ladder for career men & women. (to contradict the previous statement) There are times also that I couldn't really relate to some of the articles because the writer's english proficiency & vocabulary are beyond my reach. they are just too good to to be read by mediocre reader like me.
I also noticed another one: most of the writers are hailed from really good universities like UST, La Salle, UP, San Beda. So the book is an embodiment of the higher class' sentiments. Not the lower classes like me. The medium of writing which is English hinders the rest of the youth of today to relate since they don't bother to read anuthing written in English. It's hard to encourage my classmates & friends to read it. It hardly interests them.


  1. I got Youngblood as a gift when I was in highschool, i totally loved it... the essays are really inspiring and it seems there's always one story for every situation that you might be experiencing at a certain point in your life...glad you liked it too.~

  2. yes that's right!! It's really nice!! I'm happy also to find someone who likes it too.

  3. I haven't read yet the Book 1 and Book 2. I want to read it but I can't find where I can buy it. Due to financial reason, I want to read it in online if there is available. But I can't find it.May you help me?

    I have read already the book 3 and it seems to be inspiring. I love all the essays written by so many adults in this book.

  4. This is a response regarding the one you've commented in my blog. I hope you remember.


    I don't know if I have to believe you. To give something to someone whom you don't know is really impossible to happen. Besides, the books you think to give to me have sentimental value to you since you had them as gifts only from someone, as what you've said. If they will know that you will give them to others, I am pretty sure they will get mad at you.

    Anyways, I've read the comment yesterday and I appreciate your sense of generosity and kindness. I really want to have the books, but I have no money to avail them in the national bookstore. If ever you will give them to me, as a response of your favor, when I inquire in the LBC yesterday, the shipping fee for 3 lights books in LBC is worth 230 pesos if from Manila. But I made a mistake, I thought you are from Manila but you are not. You are from Caloocan City, right? Is Caloocan City part of Manila's boundary? I will ask again later how much if from Caloocan City.

    I am looking forward for your response. By the way, thank you!

  5. i am planning to have my own compilation for all these books...sooner i gonna buy them!

  6. how i wish that my life stories will be published too..:)


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