Monday, January 25, 2010

DReam b0y???

I hate what I'm feelin' right now..... I am looking for someone I haven't seen for 5 years. He was my classmate in 6th grade in elementary....well I don't know if I'm in love with him or not... i just feel like I need to know something about him.... just see him or his pic....

Well I've been trying to search his name on the web...but it was futile. He seems to be not so fond of these social networking sites.... ah !! grrhh..

Just last night I've dreamt of him again. I really dunno why this is happening to me. Am I being 'cursed' or what?? kinukulam na ata ako.

In the dream...I was looking for him & found him in the same elementary school we attended. He has a beard, 3 kids & a wife. He looked not so happy. Well I was looking for him because I want to tell him that I like/(d) him too. Just that. I just wanna let him know. Knowing that he already has a family I tried not to interfere in their relationship. I just simply told him & that gave me a peace of mind.

Way back our last year in elementary...he showed that he liked me...he tried to win my attention by doing silly bullying me...getting my bag...making fun of me in so many different ways. We then ate lunch together regularly with a friend & my 2 other siblings. I wasn't aware then. I just realized it in highschool when a mutual friend mentioned that he had been asking about me. Sobrang panghihinayang ko!!. bakit di ko yun narealized dati?? bakit kung kelan late na??? Sana magkaroon kami ng reunion....I really wish makita ko na siya. Okay lag kung settled na siya. Basta makita ko lang siya at masabi ko yun. Ayoko lang na may pagsisihan in the future.

He's a native of San Juan Bacon Sorsogon. His name is Christian. I still vividly remember his favorite & overused expression: "It's amazing"!! hahhahaha..


  1. I dunno who this Christian is, but you must have seen something special in him that makes him unforgettable after all these years. Goodluck to your search. I hope you find him, and hopefully he's still available. tc!

  2. a month after our graduation from elementary, i immediately went to manila for my high school scholarship. it was a full 4-year scholarship with only 2 weeks vacation every year. they were too short so there was no time for me to reconnect with my friends from elementary during those vacations. like you, i longed to see someone i liked dearly way back then. but 4 2-week vacations went by and i didn't see him. after graduating from high school, i also went home for a 2 weeks vacation and returned to manila to work(my parents talked about separating then and i asked the nuns to help me find a job since i wasn't sure if they could send me to college). so when i started working and meeting guys (coz i studied in an all-girls high school) i almost completely forgot about him. everytime i went home for vacation, I jogged around the capitol building near our place. One early morning, I was so surprised when one of the joggers called me "jehan, is that you?" of course, the voice has changed so i didn't know it was "him" who i longed to see all those years ago... (yes, after 7 long years)

    ah, definitely, God answers prayers---in his time..

    so maybe he'll appear before you too, unexpectedly...that would be a great surprise...

  3. T.T --- tears..tears... I wish it will happen to me too..

    thanks for inspiring me jehan! I'll let you know if it happens..haha I'll look for you.

  4. too bad. I found him accidentally through common friends & I think even he is not spared of my 'curse'. T.T


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