Thursday, January 14, 2010

2010 Presidentiables/VicePresidentiables' Appeal to People through their Ads

What would our country be in a few years?? Will it ever bounce back from the mud or will it sink deeper into it?

As the 2010 national election draws closer I am becoming more & more critical of the candidates, especially the presidentiables...I hope & wish other young people my age share the same anxiety about it. I hope majority of them would care enough to investigate.analyze & be more cautious. not just anticipate for the money that will come flooding.

Until now I haven't decided yet who to choose....I am still in the process of getting to know them and their potentials to carry out their promises.

Although their advertisements say little about who they really are I still would like to share these. It may be a measure of somethin'. Let's just try to read between the lyrics.

Above: Manny Villar's famous jingle. I get to hear this very often from the MRT, radio, TV, kids and even from my own lips. (heheh...last song syndrome?)

Above: Noynoy Aquino's -- sounds really just like talking. Akala ko si Boy Abunda saying his known line 'Kaibigan tara usap tayo'

Above: Gibo Teodoro's -- looks really simple. The poor people being used in ads really touches our emotions & appeals to the 'masa' but it's just until there. Afterwards they are being neglected.

Above: Dick Gordon - (for Pres.) - The transformers

Above: Eddie Villanueva - (for Pres) -- The religious leader

Above: Loren Legarda - (for VP)-- as a woman the ad realy appeals to mothers & women.the song so mellow & peaceful. how I wish to live in a wolrd like that.

Above: Mar Roxas (for VP) -- hmmm...the sacrificial lamb?

Above: Jejomar Binay -(for VP) the Makati City Mayor - I'm thinkin' of considering him. but him being paired with former Pres. Joseph estrada is a wrong move I think. It's like he's been tainted as well by the latter's image.

.....I've been trying to look for ex-pres. Joseph Estrada's campaign ad but it's nowhere on the web. maybe I'll just update this later.

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  1. Im sorry about the video credits ..I randomly picked them from youtube.But surely they're not from me.


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