Friday, January 8, 2010

My Hometown

Map of Sorsogon

.Sorsogon City - that has been the place I consider my hometown, my origin.although I am really born in the city of Caloocan. Every news about my beloved city never pass my eyes & keen ears without being scrutinized & acknowledged well. That's how desparately I've been hoping for some news back home. But recently, as various strong typhoons namely "Ondoy" or "Ketsana" havocked, I felt like I'd rather stop the yearning. It's been always a bad news.

The Second Floor of the Sorsogon Shopping Center Located
at Magsaysay Avenue Serves as the Municipal and Later
the City Hall of Sorsogon untill September 2006

The Old Municipal Building of Sorsogon Built in 1928,
Still Exists Today and Used as the Office of the
Bureau of Fire Protection

The City Mayor Leovic Dioneda

According to a gma TV, the city is located along the Typhoon Belt. Meaning it is frequently strucked by different typhoons which 'visits' the country every year. As a result the agriculture sector has been a failure to bring income (which used to do) to the city. People there are getting poorer & poorer. And I'm wonderin' how it can still recover. But fortunately, God has created men to have defense mechanisms. Sorsoguenos are now being adjusting & adapting to this. They've been making sure to be ready when the 'enemy' strikes. Moreover, they remain to be a happy group of people still seeing the silver lining amidst the situation & with the help of ther natives now thriving in different parts of the country & even the world. They continue to give hope & support.

The famous whaleshark or 'butanding'.

Logo for the city festival.

Below is a video taken in Donsol, Sorsogon. The town deprived of industrial establishments but bestowed rich natural sea inhabitants called 'butanding' or whaleshark.

Photo Credit: Sorsogon Website

Video Credit: piafaustino on youtube

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