Tuesday, January 5, 2010

.new year, new perspectives!!!

I just changed my layout here in blogger. I also change the header picture. New Year of course new changes. I put a sunrise picture over there which signifies a new beginning this year. I hope that if there weill be changes they are for the better.
One main goal for me this year is to really take my family out of that rotten neighborhood we have back in my homewtown. Everything's goin worse over there.I want to give them a greener & cleaner pasture so Help Me God! But I have few doubts & hesitations. How can I do it myself? My siblings are doing no good. They are still those immature beings uprooted from our town. As much as I would like to help them, I couldnt. I do my part but they don't want to help themselves. They are too lazy to keep up with me. I have a very peculiar personality. i gotta write more about ths later..Im having class right now! hheehhe

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