Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dear Universe I'm an NBSB at 21 -- Don't be shocked please..

Dear Universe,

I can't find any place or person where I can share fully what has been bothering me all my young adult life.

Here's a confession: I am 21 and an NBSB (no boyfriend since birth). Well don't be shocked. The least you can do is respond normally to that. Everybody made the same response when I tell them that. I'm not ugly, I'm not a lesbian, I have a several suitors but none of them appeal to me. Maybe because I'm 'pihikan' as how they call it. I am normal I guess until people keep giving the same shocked & seemingly disappointed gesture. I've liked few guys back in high school & college but really I can't fall in love. Or do I really know what love exactly is???? I've never been inlove all my life. I've been wonderin' why.

Well as a psychology major, I've been finding answers why. maybe this a some kind of disorder or maladjustment. I've found out so many reasons or rather excuses for this. And enumerating them would only fill this page up. They are just too many to mention.

What should I do??

Desperately yours,


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