Friday, January 15, 2010


Friday..friday...friday....that's what my colleagues have been waiting for all week... they are so excited! they can have time to party & have a social life.

ME? I'm restricted to it. who says so? It's me of course. you know I have to do 'what I have to' than 'what I want to' - it's been a sad picture but I found a way on how to creatively deal with it.

Although weekends are supposed to be spent for fun & relaxation -- I have to spend it the other way. To learn! I just little by little incorporate the 'social life' necessity in the clasroom. what choice do I have? korean manager is already closing the lights.. i gotta go! I still have a 7 am class tomorrow & that will be until 7 pm! wish me luck!

although things don't go the 'typical' way...I am still happy! really..

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