Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sweet Handicap

Last weekend I played softball. It must sound mundane for some but it was really my first time. So it was something special. And aside from that I also had a realization. I felt like I've just unearthed a real jewel.

It's been a long time since I tried something new in my life. For the past year I'd been playing it safe to avoid rocking the boat. I was too scared to lose the good things that I was experiencing/had. Little did I know that it narrowed my horizon. It had confined me to an isolated world only few people dare to cross.

Anyway I guess it's never too late to explore the world..


I was intending to write about my body pain but I don't know how to insert it here so it'll just go like this.

The softball I mentioned I just tried made me so blissful. Trying new things never fail to amaze me. I am in pain literally.

In our PE Class I played as the pitcher for the team. I didn't know that it is a big role in the game. I was like groping in the dark. I even didn't know the rules of the game but I was grateful to play. They had confidence in me for reasons I don't know. I did my best. After that I was still not satisfied & I joined other classes playing volleyball. I tired myself out until I was totally drained of energy.

so when I got back to work this Monday I've been in pain all over.

woah! Even getting up from my seat becomes so laborious. I feel like an old hag suffering from arthritis & different illnesses. My manager even thought I have some serious illness when she saw me holding onto the wall, doors & windows treading the hallway. [hahaha]

This may be really painful but it is outweighed by the satisfaction I got. Next time I'll play I will not forget to do stretching & warm up!

Much Loved PE Class

I'm now in my fourth year but I still take up PE classes. It could have been remedied in some 'easier' ways considering your status as a 'graduating' student but I insist on enrolling this class.

For me it's the only way I can drag my self out of the bed to sweat.
[actually I don't have to be dragged coz I really like doing physical activities without spending much.]

So there! Although I feel a little degraded & feel embarrassed wearing the PE uniform only first year & second year students wear..I still want this.

Through this class I came to be acquainted with other sports aside from my favorite ones [badminton & volleyball]

[table tennis - a game I used to hate]

[darts - a seemingly difficult one]

[softball - my current favorite which is also the reason for my handicap nowadays]

Sports like this should never go unnoticed. Only now I wish I have I can try some more like maybe soccer?.

There are a lot of wonders the world can offer. They are just everywhere waiting to be unraveled. explore it! love it! live with it!

Friday, January 7, 2011


I have just confirmed something recently.

I have a curse/disease. And I think that's the reason behind my dillema. [NBSB thingy]

I call it 'don't-like-me-back-or-else'.

It's hard to explain but I'll try my best describe it here.

Well...I've kind of noticed that once I 'like' someone I lose that liking once he [when I realize] likes me back. I don't know..but there have been several cases that confirm it.

Just the recent encounter with my long time dream boy[?]. Now he's just a thing of

the past.

I don't know. I say it's complicated.

I kind of regret that I entertained his 'confession'.

Now it's all gone.