Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Much Loved PE Class

I'm now in my fourth year but I still take up PE classes. It could have been remedied in some 'easier' ways considering your status as a 'graduating' student but I insist on enrolling this class.

For me it's the only way I can drag my self out of the bed to sweat.
[actually I don't have to be dragged coz I really like doing physical activities without spending much.]

So there! Although I feel a little degraded & feel embarrassed wearing the PE uniform only first year & second year students wear..I still want this.

Through this class I came to be acquainted with other sports aside from my favorite ones [badminton & volleyball]

[table tennis - a game I used to hate]

[darts - a seemingly difficult one]

[softball - my current favorite which is also the reason for my handicap nowadays]

Sports like this should never go unnoticed. Only now I wish I have I can try some more like maybe soccer?.

There are a lot of wonders the world can offer. They are just everywhere waiting to be unraveled. explore it! love it! live with it!

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