Tuesday, September 7, 2010

OJT Diary: 09/07/10

Although it's a bit late already..& I have to leave home at 5:40am tomorrow [now it's 11:11] I just really have to write about my OJT which I first had today!
As stated on my previous post...I have my OJT at JOBSTREET SELECT..an affiliate company of JOBSTREET.COM. It's a recruitment company catering for it's BPO clients..
Anyway I went there early this morning..left the house at around 6am & reached the office which is located in Madaluyong at 08:00am exactly! Just in time. We were really happy we made it!
The trip forth was a challenging experience. We braved the long lines of FX passengers.
Next was the MRT which I think is an overwhelming scene especially during rush hours!
Employees clad in different office uniforms flock these stations.
There you'll see elegant & classy women badmouthing another for stepping on their toes & etc. They almost hurt each other with their piercing words.
Oh My!
and this will be a usual scene in the future...
but this doesn't stop me.
I was so excited to have my OJT so I braved it all.
in the office:
I learned a lot.
There I've realized I've chosen the right field.
I got to see how aplicants are processed.. got to witness an interview! Got to see how competetive people can be!
I felt like I belong to something I've been looking for all my life.
I feel like a void inside me is just filled up with something really wonderful.
This really is it!
Thank you Lord for all the blessings!


  1. I'm so happy for you Jill. Just enjoy your journey!!! I like the new layout :)

  2. i miss that feeling--- yung you're just where you want to be... for now, i have to upgrade myself so i can somehow fully utilize my potential in the future (daw oh)...

    congratulations and enjoy your OJT...


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