Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Me Awakened or Threatened????

I am researching for new idioms while at the same time writing this blog entry..and you know what??? I find this reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally strange!

It's not like me to be doing this.

I've been working in Edu Plaza Ortigas for 1 year 8 months & 2o days & it tires me out to prepare for classes like this one. I've always relied on my stock knowledge than some recent researches. I've become conceited & overconfident that I could finish the class without even reading the book ahead of time! Usually, I would watch NARUTO few minutes/seconds before the class. That's how irresponsible I have become. And this kind of task still wears me out until now.

I arrived in the office late again, as usual!! One of the AM teachers even labeled me Ms. Consistent, (at least I do have a title) for my consistent tardiness. I didn't mind it also until now.

Until now that Ms. Ashley has reprimanded me about my LATE class yesterday even before I settled down in my station & arrange my things. I felt embarassed, humiliated & stupid although this has happened so many times already. This is like a reminiscence of my first 3 months here. I always committed mistakes & I,whose presence was often "demanded" in the manager's office. I reflected on myself. Why the hell am I like this?? After that I've realized how much I've changed. How much my head has apparently been blown out of proportion. This is not me!! I know! I have to change, before everything's late. I don't want to be overwhelmed with regrets again. I have to do something now. That's how I landed on the IDIOM site.

Well I guess it's the start. I "guess"?? I hope & wish & do believe. That should be the term.

I am now full of apprenhension. Something I'm not prepared of.

I am not asked to attend the Saturday seminar/training on Dec. 5 for all teachers. It's about the new japanese account. I dont know why & either do Mr. Lee & Ms. Jaks. I am clueless! That's been one of the signal for me. A wake up call. I hope I'm realy awakened.

I hope it's not too late....


  1. oh, Koreans don't like being late.. after telling me that, i found myself always early. earlier than the ones who told me not to be late. i even exprienced waiting for over 30mins outside of the academy because the one who told me to be early was late.. that's the time i started to go in late too. it annoyed me that they even got the nerve to reprimand me on my first time to be late. and that wasn't even late yet. i had more than enough time to prepare for my classes, haha.

  2. wow!! I have to emulate you then..don't worry, that's one of my new year's resolution! like today I'm not late anymore! yes!!

    although I think my reasons are valid I don't give it to them "managers" coz I know it will just sound like an excuse instead of a reason.

    nowadays I'm really doing my best..wish me luck!


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