Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ooops!! Taboo to KOreans>>

As a phone english teacher to KOreans I have encountered some taboos for them. You won't dare mention these to them if you want to in good terms.

1. They(especially women) don't wanna be asked about their weight.
2. Some KOreans don't want to be said they have SMALL eyes. They think having SMALL eyes is unattractive.
3. They don't wanna be labeled as divorcee.

I think for now that would be all...I'll update this in the future if any come up.


  1. haha! this reminded me of my student who told me he described my eyes to his mom and how i "paint" it with the same color of the dress/clothes i'm wearing. his mom told his sister, also my student but in higher level, that she should get my eyes (meaning get surgery)... i saw girls with infected eyelids (fresh from surgery) and they look nasty.. i keep on telling my students before that non-Koreans find their eyes really pretty.. they shouldn't be touching them...

  2. yeah that's right! hmmm...I really think their eyes are cute.

    I even told one of my students that he has small eyes & I meant it as a compliment but he took it rather badly. I dunno but he changed since then. I think it sounded this way:

    'small eyes' = unattractive - to Koreans
    'pango' = unattractive - to Filipinos

  3. hmm... I wonder how you look like..Im dead curious!


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