Thursday, May 20, 2010

No PLace Like Home

Last May 17, 18 I was given days off from work to visit my hometown Sorsogon City.
I had the trip on Saturday May 15 at 5pm and arrived home at 11 am the next day.
It was an 18-hour trip!!
Yes! Our BUS got a FLAT didn't have a choice but wait there.
VERY terrible indeed.
But it was I reunited with my family & smelled the copra, newly mowed grass, cow manure atmosphere. It was already refereshing & relaxing.
....before anything else..
lemme introduce my hometown.
I grew up in Sorsogon City.
This place is famous for WHALE SHARK & PILINUT.
And also 1 hour drive away from our city is the Mayon Volcano.
So perfectly shaped
I took this pic inside the bus somewhere in Ligao Albay.
I didn't get to visit the whaleshark, nor even get near the Mayon Volcano.
But it was something more SPECIAL & SIGNIFICANT than that.
I got to be HOME at last.
after more than 2 years.
I got to be REUNITED with my family..
the garden in our backyard did some wonders to me.
I got to appreciate very little things around.
the dogs..the garbage..the feeling..the air..the familiar scenes..
the familiar people..the smell of the air around..
the petty quarrels of my younger siblings..
the PETTY quarrels of Mama & Papa.
this flower in the garden.

the salty smell of the beach.

the neighbors..
the Pilinut

everything sprang back to LIFE.
but there was something unfortunate & unexpected happened.
(subject for another post)

to be updated.


  1. It always feels good to come home, 'no? I want to visit Bicol again. Sigh...

    Lots of love,

  2. and so it goes..."there is no place like home"! ^^


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