Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Dirt I'm Proud Of

This is the 'dirt' I'm talking about.


I voted for Manny Villar as president. I've been considering him for the highest position since last year BUT there were times that I was doubtful. I tried to do some reserach & found some 'dirt' about him..along the way I also found out his achievements..and honestly even if those controversies about are true I will still go for the V. In my eyes his achievements outweighed the controversies or the alegations about him.

We are just human being & we ARE NOT perfect.

I am extremely happy to have read that he CONCEDED to Noynoy. That's my candidate!!

Although he LOST this election I feel that my vote hasn't been wasted on him.

VOTING is not about choosing the WINNABLE.

It's about putting your trust to who's CAPABLE.

And he just won my full support, admiration & respect for that!
Although I have now apprehension about the country's future in the hands of Noynoy..just like my candidate I accept the defeat & just encourage everybody to unite.
Badmouthing them will do me no good...

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