Monday, May 31, 2010

Meet Chunchu!

I am not very fond of STUFF TOYS coz I think they are just so childish & mushy...

..until I met HIM.

This is Chunchu.

He looks plain & simple but I find him really adorble & cute!

I don't know what's with him that drew me.

I'm thinking that maybe I'm having regression.(?)

You know when I was a child I was a little deprived of play & cute & mushy things.

Maybe this is the time they remanifest.(?) At the age when I'm supposed to doing something serious.

I don't know but I'm happy

And I'm not ashamed of it.


  1. haha he's cute! and don't worry a lot of people your age and even older like to play and collect stuffed toys (myself included). :) by the way.. i like the spring layout.. it looks refreshing.

  2. hahah..maybe 'they' do but they don't show it(?)

    ah the spring..yeah..thanks!

    by the way I've read you'll be leaving the country?

  3. my sister fondly called HIM as 'balakubak na tinubuan ng mukha'...much to my annoyance.


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