Saturday, January 14, 2012

Paalam CDP!

I really wanted to blog about this last Wednesday, January 4, but I couldn't bring myself in front of my Blogger dashboard. 

Anyway, last January 4th, I was told that I'd be joining another team. That was very heartbreaking for me since I've already gotten very comfortable with my EBean team. But who was I to complain? Prior to that, a lot of transfers have already been made so it shouldn't come as a surprise. 

hmm...I don't want to make the short story long so let's just skip a few details & head to my final decision. I've decided to just immediately resign. It was so not me. I would usually freak out with this idea but somehow, I felt genuinely happy! Maybe I was looking for an adventure. Anyway, I thought I was crazy but I found myself already doing the proper procedures for resignation. I only gave a 2-day notice but I wouldn't suffer the consequences of not following the 30-day notice since it was a transfer. A different case daw. 

These pictures were taken on my last day, January 6th. 

Medyo malayo pa ang sahod so lahat kami di mapera. But I was quite surprised when 2 of my teammates prepared a cheap meal. It was just pancit canton & pandesal from Pan de Manila. I was really touched & happy. But I couldn't help but feel the reality sinking in. I realized that I'd be taking an unsure path & that I'd be leaving people I've come to love. It was really sad. 

This was my last schedule. 

This was our supervisor Jon. 

Gizette & Ran.

When I arrived nga pala on my station that day, I saw this one. A present from Gizette. So sweet. 

So there was my farewell with Chungdahm. It's just been almost 8 months but I  have a lot of good & bad memories to treasure. 

I will miss this aisle....

...and of course these people. 

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  1. Hi, Jill.

    I feel the same way the first time that I was transferred to another team. At that time, I'm already comfortable with my teammates and started to gain friends which some of them I treated as a family. Plus, I've known them since nesting period. Though I wanted to resign and look for another job but I realized that I need to grow as a person. I also need to mingle with the others. Even if I didn't receive the same treatment that my previous team has given to me but I learned a lot from my new team. From then on, I was transferred 3 times to different teams and meet as well as work with different people from time to time.

    It's sad that you have to leave the company but nevertheless, you have enjoyed the experienced and I'm sure there's a brighter future ahead of you.

    Good luck!



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