Friday, January 6, 2012

My 2011

How would I summarize my 2011? Well it's about CHANGE, ADJUSTMENTS & Socializing. 

CHANGE --- because I've made very important decisions that greatly impacted or shaped my future. 

ADJUSTMENTS --- because of  the CHANGES, I had to survive, adapt & adjust to the new environment & people

SOCIALIZING --- because I had to come out of my nutshell & explore the unexplored. I got to meet a lot of new personalities which molded me into who I am now. Coz basically, my entire 4 years in college was spent running back & forth from home, school & workplace. No time for anything else. 

I got this idea of the photo collage from Sendorero. Yeah I know gaya-gaya but I think it's a great way to summarize the year. Wachathink?

A lot has happened so let me just enumerate them. 

1. January - got to spend my Christmas & new year with my whole family here in Manila. It was the first time I got so excited to go back home from work..knowing that a family was waiting for my arrival. It felt so 'home'. 

2. February - We were able to accomplish our THESIS which was way harder than I expected. 

2. February - The Retreat at Caliraya Laguna 

3. In February - I resigned from my post at my previous company. It was very exhilarating & liberating to finally cut loose from my employer who I've worked for for almost 3 years. Back then, I thought & felt like there was no life beyond that. I was wrong. You know the feeling when you got so accustomed to everything & you felt like that's all there is in life? Parang ganun. STUCK, STAGNANT, KAMPANTE, COMFORTABLE

4. March - April - I was in haste to finish my OJT to complete teh graduation requirements. It was quite exhausting but very eye-opening. I learned a lot about HR especially Employee Relations. 

5. Then come last week of April - which was about preparations for graduation. While my classmates were all busy preparing their dresses & togas, there I was, a frequent visitor of the university registrar. I was submitting some papers & stuff. Then I finally received a word that I'd be in the graduating students' list. Woah! I was ECSTATIC

6. May - First week of this month was when I started working for Chungdahm as an apprentice. Everything worked out well. (Until today - subject for another post) I got intimated with my colleagues who all came from prestigious universities in Manila but as time went by, I learned to adapt & adjust. 

7. Next significant month would be December na - the month of Christmas party! It was fun! I posted about it here. T'wa actually my first time to attend a formal Christmas party so it was special. 

So that's how my 2011 was! How about you? Have you had anything special last 2011?


  1. Aww.. this is awesome! At dahil jan gagayahin kita haha :) It seems like you have a wonderful year...sana magtuloy-tuloy next year. And keep posting here! :)

  2. nice post, Jill!

    my 2011 was all about SooAe and so will be the years ahead, haha!

    i also worked in a company before, owned by UP grads and of course, majority din ng employees are from there so i got teased sometimes na "oh, andito na si ms. SLU, private school yan..." LOL.. medyo nakakalito kung paano ako magrereact non pero deadma lang ako kase okay naman sila talaga.. hehe.. siguro ganon lang level ng biruan nila, LOL.. but we're all good and okay...

  3. Thanks for the visit people!!

    @April - hahah go! Salamat! Kaw din!

    @Jehan - hahahaha.. ganun ata talaga?

  4. I’ll have to do those three words CHANGE, ADJUSTMENTS AND SOCIALIZING so that my 2012 will be a year for me.


  5. Explore the unexplored! Agree! :) I'm glad I learned that last 2011. Nice post!


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