Friday, December 23, 2011

My Christmas Bubble Burster

Sorry guys if you  have to to read this shit! I'm just pissed off right now. The thing is I don't know to whom. To myself, to my supervisor, to my head supervisor or to the universe? 

This morning I came to Araneta Cubao to bring the package I have to send to my family back in my hometown. A friend of mine will be going back to our province Sorsogon, so I asked her a favor of delivering the package. Good-natured as she is, she readily agreed. On my way back, when I was about to go to work, there was so heavy traffic along EDSA (I guess we shouldn't be surprised right?) & I arrived in the office 18 minutes late. I sat at my station prepared for the possible consequence of my tardiness. I thought it was worth it knowing that my family would be very happy naman. Then my sup told me I was going to get a DA...I heaved a sigh of relief. It's okay. I deserved that. However, the consequence just didn't end there. I will also be deducted 827.00 pesos for my 18-minute tardiness! 

WHAT THE [#♥♥♥♥@]?

Nice Christmas present right? Woah! I really wanna punch something or someone! This is way severe & harsh than I expected. Okay I get it. I came in late, forgot to follow the protocol which is texting the sup/head sup 10 minutes before the shift. 

But come on..827.00 pesos? For an 18-minute tardiness??????

My 18-minute tardiness didn't even affect any of my classes. It's just that the stupid me forgot to follow the protocol so I have o suffer this. 

Even a team mate who missed 4 classes didn't have to suffer like this. WOW! 

Anyway, I'm still working on not letting this ruin my Christmas. You'd see me laughing, giggling & smiling every now & then. But when I remember it again...the curses keep coming back. Grrr..

Let's just have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! 



  1. i love the clip that came with this post, Jill...

    that's just what i want to do with the people that can't stop bothering me and guess what, a cousin in law (from Alex' side) discovered my blog and so i'm htingking of making another blog, an "in-laws rant" blog, LOL, for my outlet... joke.. pero parang gusto ko talaga, haha! she's good to me naman kaya lang alam mo na, ako pa rin ang "banyaga" at sila ang laging "biktima"...

    but i'm so sad about that P827 deduction. aba, marami na akong mabibili nyan ha. or mapapasayang inaanak, hehe..

    but as you said, just let it go.. at sana i-donate na lang nila sa sendong victims yung madeduct sayo, kkk...

  2. @Jehan - hahah I like it too. Somehow kahit nagagalit akothat time..something inside me says that it's a childish rant coz it was my mistake naman talaga. So I guess that adorable image of the annoyed girl is just perfect to visualize my emotion that time. ANg cute no?

    Regarding your blog... hala! Careful! ANd if you'll have a new blog please do send me the link. (wink)

  3. Whaa! Jill I think that was so harsh!!! I think it's not right to deduct that big of an amount for 18 minutes?????!! Parang sobra pa yan sa minimum wage ah... hmp! Haha mag-rereklamo ako if I were you & will demand an explanation! haha

    Anyway,,,happy Christmas pa rin... pamasko mo nlang sakanila :)

    And Ms. Jehan...send the link of new blog din ha... if ever meron ;)

  4. I stumbled upon your blog and read your "about this blog" natuwa cute! a a very typical local commuter whether in the metro or province.. naholdap na ko in manila and province!! kaloka! haha

    followed you.. would you follow mine?? thanks:)

  5. Ang harsh naman, they should've given you a warning first before giving you the sanction. :c

    Anyway, I hope you can join my giveaway on my blog here: I'm giving away a really pretty neck piece.

    Thanks a lot and happy new year :D


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