Thursday, December 22, 2011

Gift Idea to Colleagues

I was having a hard time coming up with a present for my team which is composed of 6 members & one supervisor. And of course I had to consider the budget. I didn't have much money. Good thing I saw this plain black tumbler in Divisoria last weekend. It looked something like the one below. 

Picture not mine. 

Then I saw from Sendorero a photo collage which suddenly gave me an idea what design to put on the tumblers. Then I made the photo collage through ..what else but Photo Collage website. I took the pattern from the tumbler I'm using in the office then everything just came into place. 

I was quite satisfied with the result. Here it is:


I first thought it would look cheap but I was wrong. The combination of colors from the pictures created a lively, elegant look. 

I gave these to my team mates this morning & they all loved it! 

Guess how much each tumbler costed me? Let's do a break down of the expenses. 

1. Tumbler from Divisoria ------  40.00 pesos

2. Print of the cover (in photo paper0 -----  25.00 pesos 


Total = 65.00 each! 

O di ba bongga? Ang mura lang? Tapos naappreciate pa nila ng husto kasi may effort daw!! 

 And yeah, I should never forget that I've also received presents from two of my team mates. They gave me cookies & fruit cake which I really appreciate. Masarap din! 

How about you? What presents did you give your colleaggues?



  1. Nice.. Personalized is always the best!

    Merry Christmas! :)

  2. Jill, dapat pala ni-contact nalang kita talaga noon pa.. at kahit ikaw na ang gumawa di ba.. hehe..

    i'm now being given a hard time. of all people.. anyway, no comment na lang ako sa blog or even fb kase nga di ba, relative.. kahit si mama ko naiinis na kase kahit daw sya pwedeng pwede syang pumunta ng divisoria para makapagshopping din daw sya at sya na rin bibili, haha! anyway, i couldn't cancel coz i want them to voluntarily tell me they couldn't do it. at sana wala nanamang ma-weave na story behind those tumblers of sooae. mahal yung hinihingi sa akin na P150 na kiddie tumbler pero i have no choice.. nakikisuyo lang daw kase ako sa busy nilang pamumuhay...

    magbusiness kaya tayo.. hehe.. i'll have to see...

    at thank you ulit ah..

  3. at nakalimutan kong sabihin na ang ganda ng gawa mo.. kaya sana nga sayo na lang ako nagpagawa.. hehe...

  4. @iamcertified - thanks! I agree!

    @Jehan - kakaloka naman yan. Sana nga it will turn to your favor. ANyway thanks po Ms. Jehan!

  5. Yup Jill tama si Ms. Jehan!!! Haha and it's a very very good gift idea. Nagpagawa din sana ako sayo kaso mas magiging mahal pa siguro ang shipping kesa sa total cost ng tumbler haha

    Anyway, good job! b(^_^)d


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