Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Touch of Lace

I pride myself to be someone who doesn't usually follow trends. I don't usually go with the flow. I wear what's available in my wardrobe & try to mix & match. 

But the recent (or is it sill recent?) craze about laces has grown on me. I find it sexy, mysterious, elegant & classy. 

See how it made Selena Gomez look incredible below?

Selena Gomez
         Note: Images are not MINE. They were randomly taken from Google Images. 

Kim Kardashian

And how it made Lovi Poe look sexy without revealing too much...

Lovi Poe

So on our Christmas Party I will wear something with a touch of lace since our theme naman is BLACK METALLIC. I wonder how they came up with such theme. The party is supposed to be fun & lively right? Anyway, I didn't complain because I am crazy about black. 

I'll go look for a black-laced top this weekend & pair it with the skirt below. I hope I'll be able to find one.

What do you think? Any suggestions? What kind of accessories should I use to complement the look?

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  1. Silver accessories para mas more "metallic"? ^^ or if you want to be more Christmassy...metallic red and green accessories, which I think would definitely stand out with black. hope you find the perfect lace top..!;)


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