Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Divisoria X Araneta Cubao

Last Saturday, I went to Divisoria with my sister to look for something to wear for our company Christmas party. We left the house around 2pm & I didn't expect that it would take us almost 2 hours to go there. Wah. The traffic & the pollution was overwhelming. But overall, the experience worth the effort. 

We weren't able to take pictures of the overly crowded divisoria since it was hot even if it was a little cloudy. Plus it rained around 5pm so everybody ran as if it was a matter of life & death. Good thing what I feared didn't happen. (I thought there'd be a stampede.)

We opted to just shop at 168 shopping mall since I thought it'd be less crowded but boy I was wrong! We elbowed our way to the teeming shopping mall and when we finally found a free space I literally exclaimed 'I survived!'. 

Despite the fact that there were too many stores to choose from, I wasn't able to find what I was looking for, but I found a better alternative so I felt relieved. =)

On our way home, we passed by Gateway Mall in Araneta Cubao. Although we were dead tired from the trip we didn't hesitate to enjoy the glistening lights of the gigantic Christmas tree & some displays & of course take some pictures. 

This one was made from copper wires. 

The place was slightly crowded. 

There were few food vendors.

Puto Bumbong @ 40.00 & Bibingka @60.00

Sorry if my photos are all over this post.


[My sister]


  1. WOOOWW! Amazing christmas light decorations!!! :) And wish i have the time to go to divisoria!

  2. thanks for sharing these photos. i miss home now. how i wish SooAe would be able to experience this kind of Christmas. we can make memories and have our own festivities but it's still best when shared with people really close and who are also ecstatic and have the same feelings for hte Season..

    now, i miss shopping so much. really, i'm not happy that i don't have a Christmas shopping list, hahaha!

  3. i <3 Puto bumbongs!!!!

    cute photos ^___^

    hmmm...feel na feel ko na chistmasssss!

  4. Wow I like the xmast decoration!

  5. I've never been to Divisoria! :( I'm scared. Hehe. Take me! :p



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