Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Divisoria 'Misadventure'

Few more days & it's Christmas na! WOW! Time really flies! I didn't expect it to come this soon. That's why last weekend, after getting my 13th month pay I decided to head to Divisoria again to shop for some presents. Mind you I was suffering from dysmenorrhoea but that didn't stop me even if that meant I had to squat in LRT because of the excruciating pain. I didn't mind people's stares & I think my company that day, my sister was made little contact with me since it would mean total embarrassment. Anyway, the pain subsided after taking meds so although the day promised to be exhausting I faced it with so much excitement.

We took the MRT from Boni Mandaluyong to Cubao Araneta. Then we took the LRT line 2 going to Recto. We walked a few blocks then this was what welcomed us! 

1. This is the view from an overpass. 

2. So many people. (Look at the guy in blue waving. Wala lang. Nakaktuwa) 

3. Vehicles didn't know whether to turn straight ahead, left or right. Very unorganized scene. 

4. We literally elbowed our way through the crowd to find the best buys. After few steps there was no movement. We were in the  middle of a very dense crowd & I thought that if  there would be a bomb or a stampede we would be in danger. seriously. So we gave it up & just decided to go the 168 Mall for a more convenient shopping.  

The 168 Mall - [not my picture]
We arrived at the crowded mall & I was happy to see that there was a space to breathe & walk without bumping into some strangers. 

Inside 168 Mall

Inside 168 Mall

Inside 168 Mall - Cute printed bags

Me with my purchases

Inside 168 Mall

Inside 168 Mall - Some cute printed bags

I forgot to mention that I was also accompanied by my HS friend Nesie. We finished at around 9 or 10 pm na siguro when the stores were either cleaning their stalls or closing.

Oh look! A KALESA

We saw this one on our way to the LRT Recto station. I really wanted to ride on it. However, the darkness poses a lot of danger so we opted no to. 

Not my property. Not the actual picture.

We took a jeepney & I chatted with Nesie who I haven't seen for a long time. I don't usually talk when I commute. I don't know I just don't like but Nesie was very talkative so I got immersed with our conversation. My sister who was very quiet the whole time, was seated across us. Then in a blink of an eye, the guy who was sitting near the door tried to grab Nesie's wallet, said "Wallet mo Miss" & pointed a toy gun at her. I didn't have time to react. Everything happened in a flash. I just saw the guy still pointing the toy gun at my friend a few steps away from the jeepney door. Nesie was hit pala (slight lang naman) in the head but fortunately, nothing was taken from her since her purse was  too small to be grabbed. Ater a few minutes of calming down, the 3 of us just laughed at the absurdity, frustration & kabobohan of the holdaper! Waah! So people, be very careful when you go to Divisoria especially during this season. A lot of 'criminal minds' want a share of your 13th month pay. 

We were all very cautious but we all totally calmed down when we were already settled in inside the LRT. Then we passed by the Araneta Cubao again & saw the amazing lights which I blogged about here. We gave in to the tempting food stalls located at the area. 

Araneta Cubao 

Mimay, my sister was busy buying assorted foods like fried squids, tuyo, fishball, kwek-kwek and etc.. 



There were also a few stalls which sold accessories! 

View of the giant Christmas Tree in Araneta Cubao 

There! I hope I was able to bring the scent of the coming Christmas here in the Philippines to bloggers & friends abroad like Ms. Jehan, April & many more. 


  1. HELLO:)

    I'm hosting my first giveaway. So check out my blog and feel free to join. HAPPY HOLIDAYS:)


  2. ay naku, last year, nahold-up din yung jeepney na sinasakyan namin pauwi from divi. na-trauma na ko :(((

  3. OMG! good thing none of you was hurt by that snatcher na loser! haha.. Happy Holidays! :)

    btw, check & joing my giveaway here

    Dara ;)

  4. Naku...I read sa FB status ng kapatid mo ung nangyari na 'failed hold-up' haha kakatawa naman pero if you think about it nakakatakot talaga lalo na this season. At syempre Divi will always be Divi.. parang a must-go place talaga ang Divisoria every Christmas.
    Kahit magulo, maingay, at stressful mas masarap pa ring mag-spend ng Christmas sa Pinas. :)
    Thanks for the post Jill & Merry Christmas!!!

    p.s. Mag-ingat sa holdaper! haha

  5. tama---sinasamantala nila ang 13th month pay ng mga tao.they dont play araw din sila.:(


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