Monday, December 12, 2011

Metallic Christmas Party!

We just finished our company Christmas party last Saturday & thank God! Natapos din! It was a long preparation for me since it'd be my first time to actually attend a party. I didn't know what to wear & I was very anxious deep inside although I tried my best to convince myself I wasn't. I even blogged about the what I would wear here. Unfortunately, that outfit didn't push through & I'm thankful. Because if I did stick with the  lace & metallic concept, I would end up looking like everybody else.  hehehe. 

So I ended up with this: 

awkward smile.

The only new pieces I bought were the pair of shoes, the sequined skirt & the pearl necklace. The white bolero was bought from ukay last year& the sheer blue top was from tiangge which costed only 100 pesos. The black heels was from Landmark which I bought at a very big discount. 

Somehow I felt a little sad because I didn't win any of the prizes. But I get to have a free T-shirt for being one of the first 100 to arrive at the venue. (yehey!)

Anyway, the event was fun! The food was great. And the place was cozy. hmm...I don't have much to say so I will just let the pictures speak for themselves. 

Note: All the pictures here are courtesy of my colleague Lara

She took the metallic concept quite obsessively. 

The Best Dressed!

Our Team

My friend Tina

let's give the photographer Lara some credit! 


  1. I agree with you. Your outfit made you a stand-out from the rest :) I love the vibrant blue color & of course the shoes!!!! :)

  2. love your outfit girl :)

    btw, please check my current giveaway, I will be glad if you'll join :)

  3. Great photos. Thanks for sharing. I wish I had a Christmas party to look forward to this year...

  4. what a party that must have been. care to follow each other?

  5. Thank you so much April!

    @iamcertified - thanks! I've already joined your giveaway!

    @Wonderwoman: Thanks din po! I think you do!

    @CHing: no problem! I will.


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