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Laughter: The Cheapest Medicine!

Just a compilation from
Morning Rush with Chico and Delamar on RX Monster Radio . This was posted in an FB group called SENSELESS INTELLECT. hahahaa. natatawa talaga ako! These are just some of my favorites.

1. Teacher: “Class give me an example of a tag question.” Classmate: “Teacher is beautiful, isn’t she?” Teacher: “VERY GOOD! Okay, sa Tagalog naman.” Classmate: “Si Ma’am maganda, hindi naman diba?”
2. No name – Teacher: “What do you call a person who keeps on talking even when people are no longer interested?” Classmate: “A teacher?” Ayun, instant quiz.
3. Teacher: “Sinong may alam ng sagot sa equation na ito?” Classmate: “Ma’am kayo!”
4. “Wala na ba akong karapatang magmahal?” From: Gasolina.
5. “Pinapaikot mo lang ako. Mabuti pang patayin mo na lang ako!” From: Electric fan.
6. “Katawan ko lang ang habol mo!” – From: Hipon.
7. “Ikaw man ang lumagay sa lugar ko, gugustuhin mo pa bang mabuhay?” – From: Buhok sa puwet.


This is a friend's post in an FB group (I think) . When I read it I couldn't help but laugh I almost couldn't stop myself. HOMAYGAD! So I'm sharin' it to you guys!

Morning Rush with Chico and Delamar RX 93.1 Every mornig :D

Kahit usong-uso ang text, emails at MMS di pa rin out ang mga notes at post it :D

April 25, 2008 → The Top Ten “Notes” Moments

1. No name – It happened during my birthday a couple of years ago. While I was driving to a restaurant to celebrate with family, I was puzzled why cars, buses and jeepneys were all honking at me three times. When I got to the restaurant I found at the back of my car a note that said, “Honk three times to greet me. It’s my birthday!” My officemates put it. It really made my day.
2. Em-em Unggoy – While on a jeepney stuck in traffic, I saw this note on a wall: “BAWAL UMEHE DETO. PAG LALAKE, POPOTOLEN. PAG BABAE, TATAHEEN”.
3. Jose de vengenge – Sa sidewalk: “Bawal umihi dito.” And near it: “Dito pwede.” Another sidewalk: “Bawal omehe deto, mahole potul tete.”
4. Jose de vengenge – I once saw a sticker in Educ promoting breastmilk: “Masustansya ang gatas ni Inay.” And near it someone put a note: “Sabi ni Itay.”
5. No name – I once left a note to my crush: “Ako ang scientist mo at ikaw ang lab ko!”
6. Doc Juan – Seen on a church wall in Malate: “Pls don’t leave your bags unattended; people might think it’s the answer to their prayers!”
7. Shoao da Brat: Back in college, I saw this at the back of a Dapitan-UST jeep: “PAG LIBOG ANG PINAIRAL, SIRA ANG PAG-AARAL”.
8. Kenike – I’m on a jeep right now with a note in fr0nt that says “Fool the string to STOP”.
9. RC N CESS - In an ukay-ukay stall, an employee wrote in a small cardboard “WANTED: SALESLADY, MALE OR FEMALE”.
10. No name – On a campus bulletin board, College of Law, there was an org note that read: “Question Everything”. Beside it, someone put a note that read: “Why?”
11. Jhoy – Notes found in: jeeps & buses: “Before pay, tell were get the on before get the off”; Mandaluyong: “Bawal umehi dito. Ang maholi bog-bog”; Makati: “Don’t parking”; Cubao: “None I.D. nothing entry”.
12. Nappy Boy – One day in school we were so noisy, when suddenly a teacher stepped into the room and angrily wrote on the board “QUEIT!”
13. Jag – Found a note on my desk: “Somebody loves u, and it’s me”. Called my girlfriend, thanked her for the note. It wasn’t her. OMG, one of our biggest fights!
14. Jacq-jacq – My mom left me a note: “Anak, stay foot. Babalikan ka namin.”
15. RC N CESS – On a wall in high school: “BAWAL MAG-GRAFFITI DITO!”
16. Bards/Pink Spark – Story from senator Flavier. In the early days of his marriage, his wife noticed that there were droplets on the rim of the toilet bowl every time he pees. One morning, there was a note on the bowl that said, “Go closer my dear, it’s not that long!”
17. Jose de vengenge – Sa FA in U.P.: “God is dead. – Nietzsche” And then one beside it replied: “Nietzsche is gay. – God”
18. ALLEN – Read at the men’s room of the AS Bldg in UP: “Here I sat br0ken-hearted, tried to shit but only farted”.
19. McMaki – My officemate came back from a business trip & brought peanuts as pasalubong for us. He left it at the pantry and placed a note on the board saying: “May mani sa panty, kuha na lang kayo!”
20. Ms. Snoozy – My cousin left a note on my desk: “Magtataka ka after you read this.”
21. Old Lady – I saw this writing on the wall in Mindanao: “Tatlo ang umihi dito. Lahat patay”.
22. Poch – At a coffee shop, someone scribbled: “Ei cutie!” on my latte using choco syrup.
23. Joltino – My teacher found a note on the toilet door that said, “Look up!” So he did. There was another note on the ceiling that said, “Look down.”
24. No name – I was smiling at a cutie on the MRT who offered his seat to me, and who was now standing in front of me. Then I saw a note stuck on my ID that my sister wrote that said in huge letters: “I borrowed tampons.”
25. Jose de vengenge – A vandal in one of the CRs in Math: “Pagtapos mo gamitin, paki-PLUS mo naman!”
26. Jose de vengenge – In a Chem classroom: “You Boron!”
27. (CHICO: and then there were the series of entries that were obviously a series of jokes.) BedBathed Mitch - “Wala na ba akong karapatang magmahal?” From: Gasolina.
28. BedBathed Mitch – “Pinapaikot mo lang ako. Mabuti pang patayin mo na lang ako!” From: Electric fan.
29. Gorgeous Bitch – “Katawan ko lang ang habol mo!” – From: Hipon.
30. Missed – “Ikaw man ang lumagay sa lugar ko, gugustuhin mo pa bang mabuhay?” – From: Buhok sa puwet.
31. No name – “Paano tayo makakabuo kung hindi ako papatong sa iyo?” – From: Lego.
32. BedBathed Mitch – “Bakit ba ako na lang palagi ang pinag-iinitan niyo?!?” – From: Takure

Friday, June 10, 2011


How can I even start sharing a traumatic experience without breaking down to tears?


June 10, 2011 - 12:30-1:00 am

The tragedy happened. I was just a few blocks away from our house when the incident happened. I was mobbed & mugged by four men riding in a motorcycle. Two (I guess) of them were wearing full-faced helmet.

I really can't continue...... But I just want everybody who can read this to be very vigilant & careful all the time.

Be careful

Fortunately I wasn't hurt. physically. but I think the trauma is even worse than physical harm and this will surely linger for an indefinite period of time.

My brother was quick to respond when I shouted. He along with a concerned neighbor even tried to chase the 'bastards'. When I saw my brother attempting to chase them I tried to block his way. I was worried he'd be harmed. or he could harm. He was in a 'devil mode' that time, and it was the first time I saw him like that. I wasn't sure what he could do. Even I was afraid of him. It was also the first time I appreciate him as a brother, although he's younger.

This experience somehow taught me many things.

1. 'Life' is still more important than any material things you possess. And...

2. I love my family more than ever.

3. These are the times I feel so helpless. I had always been a staunch believer of strong will. That nothing can be an excuse if you really wanna do something. But that moment..

4. matter how strong I willed...there are still things beyond my control.

5. That if we are wise, 'holdapers' are wiser (in some way) - when 'they' were groping me, I realized they knew where we could possibly put important things. They even tried to search under my bra. Good heavens not on the 'sensitive part'. Even my shoes & ears were checked.

I hate to accept these kinds of moments.

But that's life.