Saturday, February 18, 2012

Just Starting...

I am starting a new journey with this book that my new employer has given me. 

Actually, I was quite surprised to when on my first day of work..they gave me a set of office stuff inluding this book. It was such a warm welcome that I almost cried. 



On a different note, I am happy that more & more stores are using the recyclable paper instead of plastic bags. Just imagine how greatly it'll lessen our non-biodegradable wastes. I saw MINI STOP & JOLLIBEE starting this campaign a few weeks ago. 

By the way, how's everybody doing? I don't have that much time to stay on the world wide web so I rarely get to update this & the rest of my social networking sites. 

I miss you all!! 

Let's all stay happy & healthy!! 



  1. Cool! May paper bags na pala si Jollibee! Sana lahat ng branches sumunod narin. Your new office peeps are so sweet, nice book to get started on your new journey. :)

  2. wow! i would like to have a copy of that book.. hm...
    congratulations on the new job.. new career...
    dito, 100won ang plastic bag. hindi talaga free. hindi rin pwede magrequest ng pakidoble ang plastic.. ang free lang e sa mga convenience stores but when you go to bigger marts, may bayad ang plastic so koreans really bring their own shopping bags. or use the free carton boxes at exit doors... sa pinas, at gawain ko rin naman noon, i wouldn't mind paying for additonal P3 or P5 basta madoble ang plastic bag. savings na rin sana yon.. so good job to jollibee and other outlets/stores doing this..

  3. that's nice of them naman..^^ talk about empowerment!

  4. even sm hypermarket started to be eco friendly, i think every wednesday they didnt use a plastic bag but instead they using a eco bag or carton boxes and you have to pay a additional charge if you want to use a plastic bag. what a great help to our environment.

  5. sis, I nominated you for the versatile blogger award:)

  6. Thank you, Jill. Now following you. :)


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